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New Scripted Originals Set to Release Exclusively on Audible this Summer

Audible today announced a robust programming slate of new scripted Audible Originals, set to debut this summer. Featuring award-winning casts, the summer lineup of scripted, entertaining and provocative dramas and comedy series includes the period drama Phreaks, the original novella Yard Work, the dark comedy Eat Sh*t Kenny Daniels, and the comedy Vroom Vroom. These new series join Audible’s expanding slate of original scripted podcasts, including Escape from Virtual Island (Paul Rudd, Jack McBrayer, Paula Pell, Amber Ruffin), Cut & Run (Meg Ryan, D’Arcy Carden, Sam Richardson), Heads Will Roll (Kate McKinnon, Emily Lynne) and 64th Man (John Cena, Anna Chlumsky, Jane Curtin), among others.

“We strive to take the art of audio storytelling to the next level with all Audible Originals,” said David Blum, editor-in-chief of Audible Originals. “Each of these projects feature narratives written and performed to create intimate and unique listening experiences, and showcase an extraordinary roster of talented performers and artists.” He added, “We are proud to introduce these new programs to our listeners, and add them to Audible’s growing library of scripted series that offer listeners the premium content they’ve come to expect.”

Phreaks, produced by Audible and Shortbits, is a moving and suspenseful period drama about a group of fledgling phone hackers in the ‘70s who figure out how to crack the global telephone network and forge the first virtual community. The audio drama, written by Matt Derby (Sandra), centers on true techniques used by thousands of industrious hackers across the globe in the ‘70s. The 10-part scripted original stars Golden Globe winner Christian Slater (Mr. Robot, True Romance), Carrie Coon (The Avengers, The Leftovers, Ghostbusters: Afterlife), Ben McKenzie (Southland, Gotham), Justice Smith (The Get Down, Detective Pikachu) and up-and-coming actress Bree Klauser (See), in the starring role of Emma Gable, an isolated blind teen who stumbles into the underground Phreak culture while exploring the vast network owned and operated by Bell Telephone.

I’m excited to share this story with Audible’s listeners and transport them to a time that changed the way we think about and use technology today.
Christian Slater

Yard Work, starring Golden-Globe winning actor Kevin Bacon (Apollo 13, City on a Hill, Patriots Day) is a new scripted original novella from renowned screenwriter David Koepp (War of the Worlds, Mission: Impossible, Spider-Man, Jurassic Park). Yard Work, Koepp’s first work of short fiction, follows an elderly judge, reeling from the death of his wife of 50-plus-years. Against his children’s wishes, the judge decides to live out the rest of his years at the lake house where he and his wife spent their happiest times. Shortly after arriving, the judge notices a vine aggressively growing on what was once the couple’s favorite tree. Quickly, it spreads into the house, onto his body, and eventually into his bloodstream. After taking several gruesome measures to fight off the vine, it becomes clear the vine has taken on a life of its own – and threatens to end his.

I hadn’t realized that for the thirty years I’ve been a screenwriter, I’d never been able to describe what a character was actually thinking or feeling — only what they said and did. I love movie writing, but it’s such a joy to write prose and bring the focus back to the words in my Audible debut. And to have my friend and colleague Kevin Bacon bring life and soul to them is an honor and delight.
David Koepp

Eat Sh*t Kenny Daniels, starring Alicia Silverstone (American Woman), follows an aspiring, amateur podcast host who goes on an ill-advised journey to investigate and learn from an unexamined moment from her life 18 years ago. One woman's quest for redemption from a former high school classmate she wronged starts as a self-indulgent dead-end but quickly turns into a strange, darkly comedic murder mystery that unravels her whole life as she knew it. Produced by Audible and Propagate’s Big Breakfast, Eat Sh*t Kenny Daniels is created by Tony Wilson, Luke Kelly-Clyne and Susanna Wolff, and written by Wolff (also director), Zach Broussard and Kerry McGuire. Rounding out the cast are Broussard, McGuire, Zac Oyama, Mike Trapp, Owen Robinson (Adam Ruins Everything), Avery Monsen (High Maintenance), Katie Marovitch, Emily Axford (Hot Date), Brian Murphy (Hot Date), Pam Murphy, Blake Rosier, Rekha Shankar, Josh Ruben, Ellie Race-More, and Elaine Carroll.

I'm excited to be a part of Audible's growing originals library. Voicing this series was JUST TOO MUCH fun and not just because I got to wear sweatpants.
Alicia Silverstone

Vroom Vroom, produced by Audible and Studio71, is a scripted comedy about the high-speed pursuit of the American dream, is written by award-winning playwright and screenwriter Josh Koenigsberg (High Fidelity, Orange is the New Black) and stars Andy Richter (Conan), Yvette Nicole Brown (Community), John DiMaggio (Adventure Time, Futurama), Rick Gonzalez (Arrow), Lucy DeVito (Deadbeat), Mic Daily (Accepted) and Azhar Khan (Mr. Robot). When a used Fjord dealership in upstate New York finds out its local rival, Wild Ron, is trying to put it out of business, the dealership has one week to band together to keep its business alive. Vroom Vroom is produced in collaboration with Studio 71.

I’m honored to be a part of the voice cast for "Vroom Vroom"! I just hope they think of me when it is inevitably turned into a hit sitcom! All the comedy pieces are there! Folks are gonna love the time they spend with the employees of Gallea Motors!
Yvette Nicole Brown

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