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a collage of various photos showcasing a theater performance, groups of people, a public art monument, streetscapes, and in-studios images.
HighlightsDecember 22, 2023
Audible’s Top Moments from 2023

This has been a year defined by breathtaking imagination, exciting production deals and thrilling innovation. In ten images, we share some of our biggest moments of impact from 2023.

a screen shot of a phone
HighlightsJuly 24, 2023
Hey Siri, Play Audible

Another exciting development for hands-free listening! Now iOS users can easily begin, resume, and control playback of their Audible titles by giving Siri voice commands.

A photo shows four Audible employees standing around a white sculpture that says "Audible 25 Years".
HighlightsDecember 22, 2022
Sound Up: Audible 2022 Highlights

This year we continued to reimagine the future of audio entertainment and storytelling, of workplace culture, and of the role companies can have in driving positive impact. Here are some of our top moments.