Ultimate Ketogenic Diet

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Keto Desserts Cookbook: Amazing Fat Burning Fat Bombs Recipes to Simply Astonish Your Hosts (and Yourself!) Publisher's Summary

Yeah, it happened to me lots of times!

“Damned fat, I hate it!…But it’s so tasty...”

That’s the common thought...and it's right!

Let’s be very honest: There's nothing better and tastier than fat food! That’s it.

Until about a year ago I would never have imagined that could exist a fat based diet which made me lost fat while eating the so called “fat food”!

Then I discovered this incredible diet and, as a personal trainer, I couldn’t resist trying that stuff.

What is that? That’s the ketogenic diet!

I know, I know... that’s the same copy pasted introduction of my first book: Keto Diet Snacks: the secret best ketogenic snacks to sweetly reduce fat and live healthy!

I’m too lazy to write down a new introduction, I’m sorry.

But for sure I can teach you how to prepare the bets ketogenic desserts you've ever made, trust me!

When you start a new diet you generally think about stopping eating desserts but I will show you that’s a totally silly thought!

In this book, in fact, I will teach you how to cook fantastic sweet and tasty ketogenic desserts so that you will never have to worry about your diet because it will become a real pleasure, I grant you!

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to cook 30+ awesome ketogenic desserts that will drive you crazy!
  • How to lose fat extremely quickly with the ketogenic diet
  • The principles behind the ketogenic diet
  • Tips for lose weight even faster!
  • The top mistakes to avoid while on keto diet
  • The best high fat cooking methods by Richard McWhites
  • The best ingredients for your keto desserts
  • And much more!

Buy your Keto Desserts Cookbook today - it comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee!

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