Clay Austin

2 books in series
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The Hidden Saboteur Publisher's Summary

Two-Time Literary Award Winner for Christian Fiction, 2020

Clay Austin’s career has taken off, but the nightmares and hallucinations are taking over.

No place is safe for Clay. He is besieged. Voices from the past haunt his Seattle houseboat. Demonic machines attack him on the street and in his dreams.

Clay becomes a confused, weakened man fighting a losing battle for the very essence of who he is.

On one drizzling night in a parking lot his loyal assistant, Sheryl Landing, hears a voice telling her to “protect him; bring him to me". 

The spiritual battle is on. Clay bounces back and forth like a ping pong ball in a high stakes game of good versus evil. The winner takes all. The winner takes Clay. 

Events draw him to a small town on the Washington coast where the final showdown between God and the Deceiver will seal Clay’s fate.

Is Sheryl's determined love going to be strong enough to lead him to faith? 

From the rain-drenched streets of Seattle, across the dry plains of Texas, and back to the wind-swept bluffs of the rugged Washington coast, Clay experiences the hidden destructive power of the Deceiver and the light of God’s love flowing through those around him. Which force will prevail? 

This award-winning novel is the first in the Clay Austin Series by Charles Besondy.

©2018 Charles Besondy (P)2020 Charles Besondy
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