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  • The Zweig Group provides management information and expertise to architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firms worldwide. Our books, magazines, research reports, seminars, conferences, awards programs, and consulting services provide Design Firm leaders with the tools they need to be more successful! The Zweig Letter Podcast is a regular dose of ideas, topics, and information discussed in our Newsletter. The Zweig Letter is one of the longest-running newsletters in the Design Industry.
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  • UES CEO Dave Witsken discusses Growth Strategies and Talent Acquisition in AEC
    Mar 21 2024
    About the Show"Having a good strategy enables good organic growth, both revenue and people.”
    • Dave Witsken

    About the Guest:

    Dave Witsken is the CEO of UES, a company widely recognized in the architectural, engineering, planning, and environmental consulting spaces for its exceptional growth and industry impact. UES, under Dave's leadership, has notably achieved the status of a three-time "Hot Firm" winner, identifying them as the number one firm in the Hot Firm awards for three consecutive years. Dave's tenure has been marked by strategic expansion, including a substantial number of successful acquisitions that have significantly bolstered the firm's national presence and capabilities. His expertise is deeply rooted in creating synergies among acquired companies and fostering environments that propel both revenue growth and personal career advancements within UES.

    Episode Summary:

    In this episode of the Zweig Letter podcast, host Randy Wilburn welcomes Dave Witsken, CEO of UES, to delve into the secrets behind the company's string of accolades as a "Hot Firm." Dave's insights give listeners a window into the robust strategies that have propelled UES to the pinnacle of the AEC industry.

    Through the evolution of the UES infrastructure and the strategic emphasis on acquisitions, Dave delineates the importance of aligning new entities with existing ones to generate organic growth and cross-selling opportunities. The episode navigates through the complexities of integrating new firms, ensuring cultural coherence, and fostering leadership that resonates with UES’s STRIVE values: Safety, Teamwork, Responsiveness, Integrity, Value, and Excellence.

    Key Takeaways:
    • Strategic Acquisitions: UES's focus on strategic acquisitions has been a linchpin for its consistent success, with company culture and post-acquisition integration playing critical roles.
    • Employee Development: Investment in advanced training, paid certifications, and opportunities for employee shareholding underscores UES's commitment to personal and professional development.
    • Recruitment: Dave emphasizes the challenges and strategies for recruiting in a talent-constrained environment, highlighting the allure of impactful projects and career advancement.
    • Innovation and Improvement: Technology and innovation are pivotal in adding value, improving customer experience, and boosting employee engagement at UES.
    • Looking Ahead in M&A: Key criteria for evaluating potential acquisitions by UES include leadership tenure post-acquisition, cultural fit, financial health, and the future growth trajectory.


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    Discover the intricate layers of UES's standout leadership in this exceptional conversation with its CEO, Dave Witsken. Tune in to the full episode for an invaluable dive into the dynamics of strategic growth in the

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    35 mins
  • Building the Future: Kyle Cheerangie's Blueprint for Young Engineers
    Feb 29 2024
    Building the Future: Kyle Cheerangie's Blueprint for Young Engineers

    "You have to practice designing... You have to know what it feels like to load that information into your brain."

    - Kyle Cheerangie


    In this insightful episode of the Zweig Letter podcast, host Randy Wilburn sits down with the brilliant Kyle Cheerangie, a department manager in South Florida whose expertise in roadway and highway design is shaping the future of infrastructure. Kyle's passion for engineering and his dedication to the profession shines through as he discusses the critical path from technical proficiency to project management.

    Kyle offers a deep dive into his journey, from his early days in Trinidad to his current role at HNTB, and the importance of gaining technical skills early in one's career. He emphasizes the value of mentorship, the power of reading and continuous learning, and the challenges facing the industry, including recruitment and the need to inspire the next generation of engineers.

    Key Highlights

    • Kyle Cheerangie's approach to engineering and the significance of building a solid technical foundation in the first few years of one's career.
    • The impact of work-life balance discussions on young professionals and the evolution of the workplace post-COVID.
    • The benefits of joining professional societies like ASCE and ITE to accelerate career growth and networking.
    • Kyle's perspective on public speaking, recruitment, and the potential of AI in the design industry.
    • A curated list of five must-read books for young engineers, aimed at fostering a mindset geared towards innovation and success.

    All of this and much more are on this episode of The Zweig Letter Podcast.


    Website Engineered Journals

    Kyle Cheerangie on LinkedIn

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    Mentioned in this episode:

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    50 mins
  • Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Navigating Success and Failure with Harry Clark - Elevate AEC 2023
    Dec 14 2023

    "You have to be like Superman; you're a risk-taker. But once you've attained success and you have a larger entity, it's important to shift your mindset to that of a risk manager. "

    • Harry Clark


    In this special episode of the TZL podcast, we feature an enlightening keynote speech by Harry Clark, delivered at the Zweig Group's 2023 Elevate AEC Conference. Known for his exceptional track record as a serial entrepreneur and business advisor, Harry Clark shares his wealth of experience and insights, offering a treasure trove of knowledge for our listeners.

    Key Highlights:

    1. A Glimpse into Serial Entrepreneurship: Harry Clark, with his history of founding and leading two Inc 500 companies, provides an in-depth look into the dynamics of rapid business growth, particularly highlighting his journey with a modular design and development company that soared to $100 million in revenue in just five years.

    2. Recognition and Leadership: The speech touches on Harry's accolades, including being named Entrepreneur of the Year, underscoring his status as a leader and innovator in the entrepreneurial world.

    3. Strategic Insights: Harry delves into the strategic decision-making that has been pivotal in his career. His approach to scaling businesses and managing growth offers invaluable lessons for listeners, especially those in leadership roles.

    4. Mastering Company Exits: Harry discusses his experiences with navigating company exits, a topic rarely explored in such depth. His insights are particularly valuable for entrepreneurs and business leaders facing similar transitions.

    5. Practical Advice from a Best-Selling Author: Drawing from his best-selling book, "Mistakes Millionaires Make," Harry provides practical advice and a profound understanding of the risks and challenges entrepreneurs face, making his speech a must-listen for aspiring and established business leaders alike.

    6. Sustainable Success: Beyond business tactics, Harry shares his philosophy on achieving long-term, sustainable success in the entrepreneurial world, emphasizing the importance of resilience and strategic thinking.


    Harry Clark's keynote at the Zweig Group's 2023 Elevate AEC Conference, as featured in this TZL podcast episode, offers listeners a unique opportunity to gain insights from one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. His journey, filled with both challenges and triumphs, serves as an inspiration and guide for anyone looking to navigate the complex world of business and entrepreneurship.

    All of this and much more are on this episode of The Zweig Letter Podcast.


    Harry Clark on LinkedIn

    Contribute and help the industry! Inform the AEC community on growing trends and new developments.

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