• Jun 7 2021

    In this episode we interview a special guest, founder of Measurement Marketing, Chris Mercer... but everyone just calls him Mercer! This episode is jam packed with some amazing FREE tools, unforgettable analogies, and a few laughs along the way. AND if you are curious about Measurement Marketing visit this special URL they made just for you, MeasurementMarketing.io/vacation

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    1 hr and 3 mins
  • May 17 2021

    This episode features a special guest, Jeremy Gall, founder and CEO of Breezeway! We cover a multitude of topics ranging from vacation rental operations to favorite super heroes. Enjoy!

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    54 mins
  • Apr 22 2021

    Have you looked at your quality score lately? If not, don't worry about it. We're also bringing you a tool that we're sure you've never heard of and a website checklist thingy... go check it out! www.icnd.net/checklist 

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    44 mins
  • Apr 20 2021

    Question of the day... does Paul like to bake? Also, are you making these SEO mistakes? And everything you need to know to get your rankings moving in the right direction... UP!

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    41 mins
  • Feb 11 2021

    Who's ready for six more weeks of winter and two big tech companies openly fighting? Honestly though, it's pretty big news... the winter we mean. Also, Happy Book Direct Day! We hope you got tons of direct bookings but if you didn't, you'll want to check this out: http://bit.ly/2MNq1oR And if you're confused, just listen to the episode and we'll explain.

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    37 mins
  • Jan 27 2021

    What are our thoughts on 2021? Check out this episode and we'll tell you. Also, the tool that everyone should be using and more talk about soap!

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    47 mins
  • Nov 5 2020

    What's Paul 3D printing now, and did he ever buy that soap? Also, what questions should you be asking your marketing agency? We're also bringing you the latest in social media news and how we think 2021 might start off.

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    39 mins
  • Oct 19 2020

    Should your marketing be changing with the seasons, and what sort of metrics should you watch with your social campaigns right now? Also, another Ghostbusters movie! Grab your pumpkin spic latte, get cozy and throw on a cardigan, because  we're discussing it all.

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    48 mins
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