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It's hard to find an educational book that relates to the boots-on-the-ground educator right away. But project-based learning and student-centered learning is the direction education is going no matter your context.

Project Based Learning Stories and Structures is a practical guide to starting a PBL journey complete with examples of fails, wins, and a place to get started. Everyone on your staff will have a place to relate in the practical structures and the humorous stories from the classroom.


  • Real-life classroom examples of every PBL concept
  • A simple six-step structure to help guide teachers and students through their PBL journey together
  • How to learn from the wins as well as the failures (It's not always perfect!)
  • Practical steps tested by thousands of educators in all types of schools

Guaranteed to be on a level where everyone can relate and jump in somewhere, Project Based Learning Stories and Structures is your go-to guide for practical boots-on-the-ground advice to introduce or improve PBL in any classroom.

Why not start a book study group that everyone will participate in and actually finish.

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