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Multiple Exposure is the story of one family's life of arrivals and departures due to war. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have captured the lives of the U.S. military and their families for over 10 years, and Ellen Masters' husband has been repeatedly deployed. In this audiobook, Ellen shares her desires to connect with her husband and family, and to discover her own strength by training for a marathon.

Ellen describes the woodlands where she loves to run and the cave that fascinates her throughout life. The landscape is both inviting and haunting, intoxicating Ellen to stay in that place while her husband is assigned to an Army post in another state. Ellen longs for their daughter to connect with him beyond photographs and Skype calls.

The audio captures the beauty of a Southern setting while showing the complexities of living in constant transition due to the possibility of death and the considerations of life on a daily basis. Ellen creates a way to channel her frustrations and anger into running - an activity that both challenges and heals her.

©2012 Shana Thornton (P)2014 Shana Thornton

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