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Religion is big on faith. Many religions say that there are "mysteries man is not meant to know". We are expected to believe in an all-powerful God because other people tell us to.

That’s not good enough. If there is a God we need to know it for ourselves.

Religion and Science butt heads. Science says: "If a thing exists, there must be tangible evidence and proof." Religion says: "God demands our unquestioning faith and devotion. Just accept it and don’t be blasphemous."

With due respect to both institutions, my view of the universe is this: If God exists, and if He has a plan of action that involves me, wouldn’t it be His responsibility to let me know about it?

I think so.

Apparently He agrees.

He has given me evidence. It’s sitting on the table beside me right now, next to my Bible, and it’s a dead giveaway that God is really there.

©2014 Darren Griffin (P)2014 Darren Griffin

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