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Cian MacFarlane has a job to do, but it's not the one his father Robbie gave him. With dear old dad watching night and day, Cian struggles to maintain his role as a deadly mob boss. His real focus is informing to the FBI, cutting deals with the Feds to keep his brothers out of prison. Cian is walking a tightrope on the streets of Chicago, and the only thing keeping him sane is Lila Rodriguez. However, Lila may have her own issues at work when her boss is found murdered, and she's tapped to take over the dark website Rogue.  

But when Cian's brother Liam, the family enforcer, gets tangled up in human trafficking things really go to hell. Now Liam's taking chances neither he nor the family can afford, and Cian's desperate to find a way to save him before it's too late. When the dangers stack up and Cian feels as though he's the only thing preventing the people he loves from dying too young, hope can be a hard thing to come by. Can Cian pull off a last minute miracle? Or will his brush with despair become something more permanent?

©2018 Selena Laurence (P)2018 Audible, Inc.

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