The Narrator Hall of Fame

T H E  N A R R A T O R
H A L L  O F  F A M E

V O I C E S  T H A T  T R A N S F O R M  S T O R I E S
Narrators don’t just read the story—they bring it to life, adding nuance to every word and personality to every character. They develop a special relationship with the listener, making every audiobook they perform a transporting experience. The 20 narrators (and one distinctive voice) featured here were selected based on several criteria: a wide, varied, and vibrant body of work; exceptional listener reviews; and a commitment to the craft and dedication to spreading awareness of audio performance.

Vikas Adam

Vikas Adam’s warm voice moves effortlessly into countless geographical regions: Australia, England, America, and India, to name a few.

Andi Arndt

Andi Arndt’s voice has been described as welcoming, calm, clear, and sublime, and listeners rave that she "makes you feel all the feels."

Scott Brick

With his accessible and often relatable voice, Scott Brick invites you into the story, helps you get invested, and takes you along for the ride.

Cassandra Campbell

Cassandra Campbell, who has hundreds of audiobook credits to her name, delivers each one with refreshing clarity and honesty.

Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming has dazzled audiences for years, and with his boundless energy and lilting brogue, he was a natural fit as an audiobook narrator.

Jim Dale

Jim Dale is beloved by millions of listeners for bringing the Harry Potter audiobooks to life.

Luke Daniels

Drawing on his background in classical theater and film, Luke Daniels is well suited to audiobook narration—thanks to his expressive and engaging voice.

Jonathan Davis

If there is such a thing as a nonfiction cult classic in audio, it may very well owe its success to Jonathan Davis.

Dion Graham

Like the best audiobook performers, the accomplished Dion Graham becomes a conduit for the human experience.

George Guidall

The prolific narrator has been the voice behind many of the longest running and most popular mystery and thriller series.

Edward Herrmann

With a voice that was authoritative but warm, he lent the perfect dash of gravitas to true tales of courage and heroism.

Katherine Kellgren

No matter the story, you can always detect the most sincere enthusiasm and reverence for the content at hand in Kellgren’s gifted voice.

Lorelei King

She's known for perfectly conveying humor and handling wackiness with ease and aplomb.

Robin Miles

Robin Miles’s strong, powerful voice has made her a favorite among listeners as they respond to her many nuanced performances.

Frank Muller

Stephen King once said that when Frank Muller reads, ''the blind will see, the lame will walk, and the deaf will hear.''

Prentice Onayemi

His performances are praised as vivid, haunting, and able to depict different cultural worlds within a single story.

Davina Porter

To many fans, Davina Porter’s name is inextricable from the Outlander universe, and earning high respect from such a fanbase is no simple task.

Barbara Rosenblat

While her style isn’t entirely comedic, Barbara Rosenblat exudes a genuine wit, which plays especially well in her most popular works.

Bahni Turpin

Bahni Turpin’s embodiment of characters that span a wide range of ages and cultural backgrounds is uncanny.

Simon Vance

Vance’s performances have a pied piper quality, able to keep the listener enthralled over the long haul, no matter the type of story.

Rick Lewis

His iconic voice introduces every title in our store. When you hear ''This is Audible,'' you're hearing Rick Lewis, one of Audible's first employees.