I’ve recently

I’ve recently starting a walking regimen which usually takes me to my local park. It’s beautiful—with a scenic lake and swan boats and picturesque foot bridges. But it seems the majority of my fellow walkers have dogs. Now, I’m an unapologetic cat person, so I was surprised by my sudden urge to be in the company of a canine. (Don’t tell Tallulah, my 12-year-old cat who would NEVER walk on a leash, but would be perfectly fine in a Babybjörn—I’m just not fine with that level of cat-lady swagger). Maybe I’ll offer up my services to any neighbors who have dogs?

On second thought, getting involved with other people’s pets is probably a bad idea, and I also just remembered why, besides exercise, folks walk their dogs. I’ll stick with my listening and people watching—two things that oddly go perfectly together. I just finished City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert (my Editor’s pick for June) and I swear I discovered a real-life Vivian Morris (the 95-year-old main character) sitting on a park bench. I walked by her three times just to get another look at what I imaged was the face that went with narrator Blair Brown’s voice and was a little in awe of this red-lipped, wide-brim-hat wearing woman who I have no doubt has lived an utterly fascinating life.

Happy listening!

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Tricia listens to discover characters and voices that transport her, not to a fantasy world, but to the heart of what it is to be human in this world. Follow her on Twitter @tricia___ford.

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