The Best Celebrity Narrated Audiobooks for Storytelling by the Stars

The Best Celebrity Narrated Audiobooks for Storytelling by the Stars

August 20, 2020
It’s likely you have a favorite actor, someone you can’t wait to see in a new movie or television series. But many of your favorite performers are also acclaimed audiobook narrators. It’s always a delight to pick up a familiar story and find an unexpected famous friend in the narrator’s booth, especially when that celebrity has a spectacular talent for narration. From classics narrated by celebrities (such as Anne Hathaway’s magical rendition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) to modern favorites (like Wil Wheaton’s energetic take on Ready Player One), this list features some of literature’s greatest stories brought to life by some of Hollywood’s best.
We’ve gathered the 20 best celebrity audiobooks to get you started with this category. (Oh, and if celebrity narrated memoir is more your style, check out this collection of featured star-studded autobiographies.)

Inclusion in Audible’s “best audiobooks” series is based on a number of factors, including presence on Audible best seller lists,
listener ratings and reviews, Goodreads ratings, and input from the Audible Editors. All audiobooks featured here have a minimum
of 500 reviews averaging at least 4.5 stars, with some exceptions made for outstanding stories and performances.

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