The Stars Aligned: Paranormal Romance Queen Molly Harper and Her Longstanding Narrator Amanda Ronconi Finally Had Their Magical Meeting

Watch as the fan-favorite author and narrator team, who've collaborated for years, share their first meal and talk about shapeshifters, vampires, and witches—oh my!

Bestselling paranormal romance author Molly Harper is back with the latest installment in her Mystic Bayou series, Even Tree Nymphs Get the Blues. And who else could tackle the magical ways and sexy doings of Harper's imagination than her narrator for all 30 plus of her audiobooks, Amanda Ronconi? Through the Sorcery and Society series, the Southern Eclectic series, the Half-Moon Hollow series, the Naked Werewolf series, and the Bluegrass series, Ronconi has delightfully performed all of the hilarious dialogue, varied Southern accents, and creatively steamy scenarios that Harper has thrown her way. With the Mystic Bayou series, narrator Jonathan Davis joins the fun for Harper's first series with dual narration.

Despite all their emails and phone calls over the years, Harper and Ronconi had never met in person. So we fixed that and brought them together to talk about everything you've wanted to know--from how they came to work together, to how the funny and sexy mix, to which paranormal creature they'd be if they had a choice. (Interesting picks, ladies.) Watch as it becomes clear just how the magic happens.


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