7 Ways You Can Enjoy The Baby-Sitters Club

Editor Katie O'Connor shares some of the easiest ways to get into the iconic series that's now in audio.

If you were a kiddo in the 80s or 90s, chances are that you were at least aware of The Baby-Sitter's Club. Whether you first came to it through the books themselves, the delightful mid 90s film adaptation (like I did), or the television show, Ann M. Martin's beloved series never fails to elicit warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia from its fans.

Never checked out The Baby-Sitter's Club? Unsure what it means to have a personal phone line in your room? Don't let the FOMO overwhelm you. Here are seven ways to listen to the BSC, both for new fans and those who have been there since the very first meeting.

1. By Character (FWIW, I'm a Kristy)

To give you a sense of my BSC allegiances: When I was seven and had to give a name to my guardian angel for my religious education class, I named her Kristy. I have been #TeamKristyever since. With 131 books in the series, the idea of diving in may seem a bit overwhelming, so deciding which BSC character is your spirit animal and listening to their stories is a great way to get started. 

Do you have a passion for sports and leadership? Go with Kristy. What about a talent or appreciation for art and fashion? Claudia is the way to go. Are you a crafter? Start with Mary Anne. Do you love the outdoors and clean, healthy living? Meet Dawn!

2. On Your Commute

In my mind, my favorite BSC hustlers all grew up to be successful career women. What better way to celebrate their accomplishments than listening to their origin stories while commuting back and forth to your own kick-ass job? The BSC helped ignite my passion for the side-hustle, and I'll be forever grateful for the adventures those ideas have taken me on.

3. From Baby-Sitters to Book Clubs

One of the greatest things about the BSC was the sisterhood it created amongst its members. If you're missing that community feeling, how about starting a BSC book club with your friends? It'll be even better than enjoying the books as a child, because this time there will be wine.

4. In the Great Outdoors

My deep love of being outside is making me feel a bit more like a Dawn these days (sorry, Kristy!). Running, finding any excuse to get to the beach, gardening (errr--watching my husband garden)...if the sun is shining, or honestly even if it's not, chances are you can find me outside. And now I can take Kristy and the gang along with me as I take in the great outdoors.

5. Grab Your Knitting Needles

Do you have a passion for knitting and sewing like Dawn? Or maybe you are a true child of the 90s and still have your bedazzling kit at the ready? Either way, listening while crafting is a great way to enjoy this series. Your hands are free to create something beautiful while you get swept up in the world of Stoneybrook, CT. Personally, I'm going to be whipping out my big sister's scrunchie-making kit which I stole circa 1997, because scrunchies have 100% made a comeback.

6. While You Unwind

After a particularly grueling day, I have a hard time unwinding at the end of the night. Honestly, the thing that calms me down best before bed is listening to a favorite story. There's nothing like letting familiar words and a friendly voice transport you from your day to day and get you singularly focused on their tale. And now with 131 old favorites to choose from, I'll never have to worry about my bedtime routine again.

7. With Your Own Kiddos

Let's gift the next generation with the timeless love of the BSC. What's great about this series is that it truly can be enjoyed with the whole family. So, whether you're road-tripping, cooking together, or just lounging around the house, turn up the volume on the BSC and watch as a new crop of kids starts brainstorming about their own potential businesses. Just guard your wallets in case they ask for some start-up capital.


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