Keys of the Ravaron

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Keys of the Ravaron: Flame of the Orahie (Volume 1) Publisher's Summary

The four realms stand at the brink of war. Tyrannical forces now conspire to destroy the last free nations of men. Can one young man make a difference? Can Harius conquer the demons of his past so that he might take part in fulfilling an ancient prophecy?

With the wings of his Archayan race, Harius will fly to foreign lands, not only to thwart the enemies' plans but also to fulfill a divine charge to guard a sacred key. As he learns the weight of his calling and how to wield mystic powers, Harius must be ever watchful of an adversary who will stop at nothing to destroy him.

©2014 Stephen Raymond Watts (P)2015 Stephen Raymond Watts
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    Keys of the Ravaron: Flame of the Orahie (Volume 1) audiobook cover art
    • Keys of the Ravaron: Flame of the Orahie (Volume 1)

    • By: S. R. Watts
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