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The Passing of Fat Jack Publisher's summary

The Passing of Fat Jack offers a peek into the humor entrenched in the most serious business of real police work. Author Steve Sederwall, former LAPD, retired federal criminal investigator, and active smartass, will launch you from your lazyboy into the mid-90s to experience firsthand what it was like to wear the blue.

It was a time when the Blue Street Sharks patrolled the city of Angels with one job, protect the innocent. It was also a time when you could safely ask a hot new female rookie out on a date without the fear of mopping the floor with your clean-pressed uniform while doing the “electric chicken”, as you rode the lightning bolt of her taser. It was before it became fashionable to have your feelings affixed to their sleeve. If you’re a cop, were ever a cop, want to be a cop, married to a cop, or know the words to the pledge of allegiance, you’re guaranteed to love this audiobook and enjoy your time in black-and-white.

From the occasional crossdressing assault victim to the adminis-trivia of the daily roll call, you’ll enjoy this throwback to the days when cops lived for the chase while dreading the paperwork that came on its heels. The story is told with no-holds-barred accuracy, placed in 1994, before words, political and correct, were shacking up together. This is a heartwarming story of camaraderie, loyalty, teamwork, love, brotherhood, loss, and drunks, all tempered as in real life by ex-wives.

There’s a saying at the LAPD, "The first day on the job, you’re issued a big bowl of marbles. Every time you allowed something to touch your soul, a marble gets taken away. When you’ve lost all your marbles, it’s time to retire." Many of the characters you’re about to meet have lost their marbles.

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