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Self Esteem: You Don't Need a Workbook, You Need a Change of Perspective. Stop Looking for Ten Steps and Start Changing Your Life Publisher's Summary

You don’t need a workbook or a 10-step program. All you need is a change of mindset and the recognition that you are worth it - every bit of it.

Sometimes, you feel like you are addicted to hating yourself. Your whole life, you have had the people around you invalidate you and treat you like crap. Parents, friends, random passersby - everyone has an opinion, and most of them aren’t good. You’ve even started to judge yourself negatively - or maybe you’ve been treating you like crap for a long time. 

I’ve been there. I know what it is like to worry that you aren’t good enough or to struggle with the sense of inadequacy. I know what it is like to feel like you have to prove yourself at every turn and yet know that you will never measure up. 

This audiobook is a collection of what I’ve learned in the difficult, slow process of growing up, and learning to love myself. 

I’ll tell you the secret right away: You are worth it. You are worthwhile. You deserve to be happy, no matter what you do and no matter how successful you are. 

This audiobook will help you understand why you’ve developed low self-esteem as a coping mechanism and what benefits this low self-esteem has given you in the past. Then, I will help you grow into yourself and learn to love the person you are. 

Learn where low self-esteem comes from and how our whole lives have been teaching us that we should feel bad about ourselves.

  • Take ownership of your life and forgive yourself and others for your flaws.
  • Recognize and silence the pathological inner critique who never lets you get a break.
  • Find meaning in your life, even if you don’t have a religious tradition that resonates with you.  
  • Accept yourself, warts, and all, and even learn to love yourself. 
  • Celebrate your accomplishments and learn to treat yourself with kindness. 
  • Build opportunities to succeed with well-made goals and the pursuit of mastery. 
  • Care for yourself by embracing the fundamentals of well-being.
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