Outlaw MC Series

6 books in series
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Outlaw MC: The Complete Boxset Publisher's Summary

Buckle your seat belts and get ready for an epic ride. Outlaw MC: The Complete Boxset is here! This audiobook includes Hawke, Sparrow, Cardinal, Falcon, Robin, and Owl.


The Outlaws started with nothing but a common leader. My life had always been unbearable. It was loud and unstable. I joined the club to find my purpose. To give myself peace of mind. 

Today, the town is our arena and the MC Club room is home. Our president Tank is ruthless. The five outlaw men continue to reign under his leadership. 

Power is the name of the game. 

We’re dangerous, insatiable, and know how to protect our women. 

And we stop at nothing until we emerge victorious. 


She walked into my life when I was supposed to stay out of trouble. All I had to do was join the club and mind my own business. Now, her gorgeous curves are all I can think about. 

The plan was to have one taste of her, and then let her go. But I’ve been left wanting so much more. The problem, though? She’s the MC president’s daughter. The one woman who is completely off-limits. 

This is the kind of trouble that my brother warned me about. He won’t bail me out this time. 

The stakes are too high. But the risk is worth the reward. Besides, it’s my heart on the line. 

They say I’m a rule breaker...

And I’m about to show them just how far I could go to take what’s mine.


Just when I thought I’d never see her again, she walks right into my bar. I’m the new pres of the MC, the Outlaws are counting on me to hold things together. To keep a drug war for happening and tearing the club apart. 

I’m prepared to do just that until I get arrested, a DUI slapped on me by a cop that hates the MC. 

And then I see her. Paige Travers. 

The beautiful red head who is now my lawyer, and becomes the only thing I care about. 

Nothing has ever been more important than the club—until her.


I live a life of no surprises, but she is the best one that there is. 

Chantal Hailey, the damsel in distress, is going to be mine. 

I can deny it all I want, but she’s the sunlight in my dark and boring life. 

The guys at the MC - they understand what it’s like. 

She’s my escape, my sunshine. And I’m ready to stand in the sun.


Just for one night, we wanted each other, and that was supposed to be it. When Emily showed up at my club, I was already thinking of all the things I could do to her. 

Relationships aren’t my thing - commitment. But she changed all of that.

I had to do whatever it took to keep her, even when I had more secrets than she bargained for. 

Emily changed me, took away my pain, and understood my heart. Even though we started off as complete strangers, who only bargained for one night.


I have wanted her for years, and I never thought I would have her. 

Amy Clemens has been the secret light in my life since I laid eyes on her. I watch her every move, she lives in my dreams. 

But she was off-limits. Not because I am dark, hardened by my life, but because her brother is my best friend and club brother. 

I can't have her, no matter how much I want her. Until one night she gets too drunk, and I have to take care of her, and all the risks just fade away. I need her. I want her. I take her. And I don’t plan on letting her go. 

©2020 Ethan Egorov (P)2020 Ethan Egorov
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