Mental Toughness Mindset for Success to Stop Extreme Overthinking & Take Ownership and Control of Your Life

2 books in series
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Get Your Mental Ish Together Publisher's summary

Tired of living overwhelmed by mental and physical clutter, burdened with racing thoughts, plagued by worry and fear, and on edge over things that either don't matter or never happen?

Some people seem to easily have it together - naturally positive, optimistic, and always calm. Everything works out for them, and everywhere they go, they're followed by sunshine and rainbows. Screw them, right? No, you can become them. Minus the muttering mantras under your breath and flowers in your hair.

It's time to get your mind right and do a clean sweep of your life. It's time to regain sanity, freedom, happiness, and control of your life by eliminating anxiety, negativity, and mental, emotional, and physical clutter.

That's where this bundle comes in.

It contains three audiobooks:

  • Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe: How to Stop Worrying, End Negative Thinking, Cultivate Positive Thoughts, & Start Living Your Best Life
  • Chill Out, Bro: How to Freak Out Less, Attack Anxiety, Calm Worry, & Rewire Your Brain for Relief from Panic, Stress, & Anxious Negative Thoughts
  • Cut the Crap & Let It Go: A Stress Free Way to Simplify & Declutter Your Life to Increase Happiness, Freedom, Mindfulness, & Productivity by Embracing the Minimalist Mind

Who the heck am I? Just an average girl with slightly above-average issues who figured out without a PhD that when you can't get your head right, life can suck. When I figure out ways to make it suck a little less, I write a book about it. This is one of those books - well, three technically.

This sometimes blunt, sarcastic, in-your-face bundle has a little language, laughs, and tough love. But most importantly, it has simple, actionable tips that can be integrated into your daily life.

It proves that getting your ish together can be fun and entertaining, and it doesn't have to take a lifetime to turn your life around.

If you're tired of the same hippie mumbo jumbo advice from the same dry, boring self-help books, scroll up and get this audiobook!

©2020 Reese Owen (P)2020 Reese Owen
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Product List
  • Book 1

    Get Your Mental Ish Together Audiobook By Reese Owen cover art
    • Get Your Mental Ish Together

    • Mental Makeover to Eliminate Anxiety, Worry and Stress, & Declutter Your Life to Increase Happiness, Productivity, & Positive Thinking Habits
    • By: Reese Owen
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  • Book 2

    Screw It & Just Do It Audiobook By Reese Owen cover art
    • Screw It & Just Do It

    • A Level Up Plan to Achieve Your Goals and Cure Procrastination with the Development of Self Discipline, Confidence, Productivity, Willpower, & Improved Decision Making
    • By: Reese Owen
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