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Be the Most Confident Man in the Room. The Secret Code to Achieve Apex Confidence. Own the Room for Public Speaking, Attracting Women and Networking: 1198 Tips Publisher's Summary


  • Insecurities are dangerous because they chip away at a man's confidence levels. Whether your insecurities are, you have to address them, deal with them, and implement affirmations/mantras designed to overcome them.
  • When you are in the field exude extreme confidence, even if it doesn't make sense, even if it is irrational, even if you don't have things going for you. To a woman's primal side, confidence still turns her on, regardless if it is based on real substance or not. 
  • Attractive confidence is about having an intense and fierce conviction that you are a man of the highest worth and that women would be fortunate to be with you. Believe this 100 percent from the bottom of your heart. This isn't a ruse. Believe this sincerely. 
  •  If you think you are ugly, too old, or that something is severely wrong with you, then this will destroy your confidence, self-esteem and inner game and make it challenging to get girls. You have to truly believe in yourself! "I am valuable!" "I am worthy!" 
  • Be confident in who you are, what you do, what you say, what you bring to the table, and the fact that many women will be really into you. Confidence is the ultimate attraction amplifier. 
  • When you know that you've got the game skills to meet and seduce new girls, a seducer's lifestyle, and currently have multiple girls in your rotation, then you will internalize the highly magnetic abundance mindset that gives intense confidence and attracts women like a magnet. 
  • Staying on your purpose, remaining calm, and not emotionally reacting to trivial, petty issues such as silly tests, frame control challenges, and signs of disinterest from a woman, reveals strength and confidence in oneself. 
  • Confidence comes from knowing your worth. Men of status behave like men of status. Act as if you are a king and you will be treated as such. Confidence tells others of your worth. Confidence doesn't even flinch.
  • Plus over 1,100 more amazing insights and tips about the code to confidence! 

The knowledge contained in this book has the power to transform you into a highly confident man. This is a major key to success because confidence is the magic ingredient that attracts attractive women and successful businessmen into your life!

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