Academy of Sorcery

4 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 315 ratings

Term 1: Unleashing Trials Publisher's Summary

Magic is dangerous. I should know. It got me a 30-year sentence scrubbing toilets for a scumbag wizard. My only hope is the Unleashing, a ceremony that unlocks the dormant powers of magical descendants when we turn 18. Since my mom was a lowly psychic, I don’t expect to be blessed with much more than the ability to forecast the weather. But when the sorcerers unlock my magic, all hell breaks loose. 

Turns out, I’m not a wizard, witch, or even a sorcerer. 

I’m...something else.

Because of my unique abilities, I’m required to attend the Academy of Sorcery until I learn to harness and control my magic. Not only that, but the three sexiest and most powerful sorcerers on campus are assigned to guard me night and day.

Jackpot, right?

Not quite.

Turns out these guys aren’t too happy with the arrangement, and they show it by making my life hell. That’s just the beginning of my troubles. The mean-girl squad declares open season on me, a mysterious woman attacks me every time I step off campus, and my professor is too hot for his own good. And when it’s time to find a weapon to help me master my abilities, my magic chooses...a spork.

It’s going to be a long year.

Note: This is a reverse harem series perfect for listeners who enjoy: light bully romance and enemies-to-lovers, college academies, student-teacher forbidden romance, badass heroine who holds her own against alpha males, and fun, fast-paced listens intended for ages 18+.

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