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  • Do you have a book inside you? This is a podcast about how to write and self-publish your inspirational, life-changing, non-fiction book - especially if you are a Coach, Healer, Hypnotherapist, or expert in EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Matrix Reimprinting. Or simply a heart-centered Entrepreneur. Your book will help you stand out like a “Sparkling Unicorn in a sea of sameness.” Host Caryl Westmore, the world’s first “Tapping Book Coach” is a multi-published self-help author and energy psychology expert of 20 years. She shares book writing, mindset and self-improvement tips, and tools, plus inspiring interviews with people just like you who became authors and enriched their own lives - while boosting their visibility, cash-flow, and clients by helping others. With the explosion of audio and e-books globally, it has never been easier in the history of storytelling to get your expertise out of your head and heart and into a book to reach millions worldwide. Caryl's Write the Book Inside You program and podcast teaches you how. When asked: “So what exactly do you do?" you can respond by handing out a copy of your book with your signature system and client success stories. Watch questioners lean in and say: “Tell me more…” If your heart is calling you to write a book - then this podcast is for you. Isn’t it time to write and publish the book inside YOU?
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  • Sep 27 2022

    Dr. Laurie Weiss is a psychotherapist, coach and author, who in her 45-year career as a psychotherapist and couples counselor has helped more than 60,000 individuals reclaim life energy and the joy of living.

    Nearing retirement in her 70s she discovered Logosynthesis, a revolutionary process that rapidly releases anxiety and toxic stress, using only words! 

    Fascinated by its fast and easy approach to getting results with stress and negative beliefs, she trained with Logosynthesis creator Dr. Willem Lammers, a Swiss-Dutch psychiatrist and psychologist. 

    Now in her 80s, she and her partner-husband Dr. Jonathan B. Weiss are the only accredited Logosynthesis Trainers and Master Practitioners in the US and continue to spread the word about Logosynthesis in books and trainings.

    She shares how Logosynthesis initially helped her to overcome anxiety about noisy crowded places, fear of flying and finishing her book project.

    As she describes in her book Embrace Prosperity,  it can also clear negative beliefs about money and even marketing your book. She says:

     “When I take my energy back from the belief that I don't have enough money to do this, then I feel relief and I go do it. Or I take my energy back from the belief that I can't market my book. I would be pushing it on somebody. There's a belief that selling is terrible. By take my energy back from that belief, then I can do it.

    During this episode, Dr. Laurie demonstrates the 3 magic sentences of Logosynthesis.

     You can also get a free introduction to Logosynthesis, Reduce Worry Starting Now at  https://laurieweiss.com/ 

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    27 mins
  • Sep 11 2022

    Queen Elizabeth 11 passed this week (September 9, 2022) reminding us of our own mortality.
    And co-incidentally, this was when this interview with Michael La Ronn took place.

    There are strict protocols to follow in the UK to ensure King Charles 111 became king immediately on the queen's passing. But what protocols do you as an author or creator of digital assets need to ensure you leave a tidy last will and testament?

    Michael La Ronn, author of 80 books, shares lessons learned from how he recently updated his own will, while also compiling his advice into two books, The Author Estate Handbook, How to Organize your Affairs and Leave a Legacy and The Heir Estate Handbook.

    We discuss invaluable tips from these books, including:

    •  How his grandfather's passing inspired him to follow his example and make a will and last wishes easy for his family and heirs to execute.
    • Why you many need two attorneys - or at least one familiar with intellectual property and copyright on books and digital assets.
    • How Michael Crichton, one of the most successful authors ever (Juraissic Park, the Andromeda Strain, ER etc) inadvertently left his unborn son out of his will - and how this caused a long and painful court battle for his 5th wife.
    • How to ensure your heirs do not get locked out of your bank or social media accounts.
    • The three stages to getting organized long before your passing - including the difficult conversation with your heir or heirs about how to manage an author business - or if they even would want to!

    Find out more about Michael La Ronn's author estate planning books per this episode: www.authorlevelup.com/estatebook
    Michael's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/AuthorLevelUp

    FREE GIFT FOR NON FICTION AUTHORS: 5 Book Hooks you Must Have to Captivate nonfiction Readers - Get Clarity to make your Book a Best-seller.

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    29 mins
  • Aug 16 2022

    WRITER'S BLOCK.  Is it a myth or a silent saboteur that can slow you down and even ruin your writing dreams? In this solo episode, Caryl dives deep into EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques), answering the questions:

    • What is EFT?
    • How does it work?
    • How can it help you heal the root causes of Writer's Block and set you free creatively?

    The entire episode is taken from a presentation entitled Bye Bye Writer's Block, Hello Creative Genius  in which Caryl takes listeners through the A to Z  of the Tapping process and explains why EFT Tapping is at the forefront of body-based therapy today.

    Caryl recounts a horrifying but true story about writer's block. Joseph Mitchell, a respected journalist on the New Yorker in the 1950s, dried up creatively at age 57 and never published another word for the next 30 years.

    Writer's Block is not a myth. It cripples creativity and flow for writers. This is based on Caryl's own therapy practice, helping countless of her own clients break free from its clutches to write their books, poetry, movie scripts or take an enormous leap towards their dreams.

    "The good news is that EFT Tapping is the approach I have found most effective in resolving writer’s block in any shape or form. Who am I to tell you this? Well, first, I'm an expert trainer in EFT- Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Goals Reimprinting, which I pioneered. As a former journalist, multi published nonfiction author and the world's first Tapping Book Coach, I combine the inner game with the expertise to help you write, publish, and promote your book."

    By the end of the episode, you will have a full understanding of why and how EFT Tapping can  help resolve writer's block and transform both your life - and writing life.

    Caryl's book Bye Bye Writer's Block sponsors this episode . The book is due out in October 2022 and will soon be available on Amazon for pre-order.


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