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  • Welcome to the Valarin Perspective. Join us as we explore the reality of modern work, and find a path toward more individual fulfillment, stronger leadership, and better products. Despite one inspiring leadership post after another on our Linkedin feeds; the reality of modern work is still littered with anachronisms, especially in management. There is still a huge difference between what’s written on the culture poster and whats actually happening at work. Of course we're becoming jaded and cynical. Managers specifically: 58% of us have never been trained, 87% desperately wish we had been, and 44% of us feel overwhelmed at work. When asked which skills we don’t have we proceed to list every skill required to be an effective manager.... And in general: 79% of us who quit said we felt underappreciated, 53% of us aren't happy at work, and at least 70% of us are not engaged.... This is unacceptable. Wasn't this supposed to be the new golden age of work? Just what the hell happened? What if there is a better way? Join us and let’s explore it together.
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  • EP 16 Real Product Management: Hard-Won Lessons Creating Amazing Products With Darko Vukovic

    Nov 30 2021

    "Product Management" is everywhere in technology. Wherever you're working there is a need to understand what we're trying to do and where we're trying to go. The role is ubiquitous, it is crucial, and it is also undeniably difficult to do well. 

    In this episode, Aaron and Ben bring Darko Vukovic to the podcast. Darko's an ex-Riot/Google/Oracle PM who has led teams, products, and other product managers in a variety of environments. The discussion ranges from what a product manager is supposed to be doing, how do we get sidetracked, and what younger product managers can do to set themselves apart. There's a lot in this one, enjoy!

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    1 hr and 21 mins
  • EP 15 Accountability: Why It's Hard And How To Do It

    Nov 17 2021
    We often hear leaders lament a lack of 'accountability' around organizations. It's commonly discussed, usually when something has gone wrong. But what is accountability? Why is it not present when people seem to want it so badly? How do you set it up? In this podcast, Ben and Aaron explore the topic, walking through what accountability is, why we get it wrong, and how to set it up for yourself and those you lead. Hope you enjoy!
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    1 hr and 27 mins
  • EP 14 Adventures in AAA Game Design with Andrew Brownell

    Nov 4 2021

    For this episode we got to sit down with an old friend - Andrew Brownell. He's spent years as a designer and product lead in AAA studios like Riot, Red 5, and Boundless. Included are crucial lessons on getting yourself unstuck, the social nature of design, and incorporating learning into your development approach.  Brilliant guy and we had a blast.

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    1 hr and 7 mins

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