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The Art of Confessing

By: Jazmine Sullivan
Narrated by: Jazmine Sullivan

Publisher's summary

The Art of Confessing is an intimate diary entry from Jazmine Sullivan, a Grammy-winning vocal powerhouse blessed with the unique gift of emotional storytelling. R&B is a space for Black women to create their own language around love, sexuality, and heartache. Within that space, Jazmine Sullivan has built a strong, powerful sisterhood through her music.

Philadelphia-born and raised, Jazmine grew up singing in church. Since childhood, she’s leaned on a tight-knit circle of female figures—from her mother to her church tribe to her faithful friend group. Love is what happens when you find your people, and this community has shaped Jazmine Sullivan’s journey as an artist and woman. This Words + Music brings listeners into her journey, exploring the art of making confessional R&B and affirming Black women as the ultimate truthtellers in music.

Written and conceived by Jazmine Sullivan with Clover Hope, this is a story about the power of accountability, sisterhood, and finding new perspectives on love. Performing live from Philadelphia’s renowned World Café, Jazmine lets us into her world with a selection of songs that speak to her growth as a woman, including "Lions, Tigers & Bears", "Let It Burn", "Girl Like Me", "Masterpiece", and "Pick Up Your Feelings". Ultimately, self-love has allowed Jazmine Sullivan to evolve and step into her power.

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Jazmine describes how it felt recording The Art of Confessing

About the The Art of Confessing - Jazmine Sullivan

About the Creator and Performer

Jazmine Sullivan is a Grammy Award-winning R&B soul singer-songwriter, born and raised in Philadelphia. She grew up humbly, singing in church, and when it was time to show herself to the world, her debut album Fearless spawned multiple hit singles and was certified platinum. Three albums later, she’s earned 15 Grammy nominations, with two wins.
At the center of every Jazmine Sullivan album—from her 2008 debut Fearless to 2015’s Reality Show—is the point of view of a modern Black woman. She could be your sister, your girlfriend, your homegirl, or the woman you’ve judged based on the curated life she presents on IG or reality TV. Jazmine has spent her career painting vivid worlds of everyday women through poetic records that are unflinchingly raw, vulnerable, and poignant. And it’s that commitment to giving it to us straight, no chaser, that served as the foundation of her last album, Heaux Tales (RCA Records).
Working piecemeal on the records for Heaux Tales allowed Jazmine to explore a different approach to storytelling, both as a writer and as a vocalist. "I’m a storyteller at heart … but I learned that I don’t have to do those things I thought I had to in order to connect with people in songs. I learned to be more confident in the nuances of my voice and the emotions I was exploring. It was eye-opening, really, to take a different route and still get to the same destination—the finish line." It is this storytelling approach that made her a perfect match for Audible’s Words + Music series.

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