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Find solace and wisdom in the Christian tradition of daily prayer.

The 40 Transformational Daily Prayers That Will Inspire You helps you understand what prayer is, the different types of prayer, and how you can include this practice in your daily life. With powerful and uplifting language, this book helps you open a channel to God, build a relationship with him, and be transformed by the power of prayer.

This book does not tell you how you should pray; that is up to you. If your faith tells you to kneel or stand, act on your faith. If your faith says you must speak out loud or whisper, act on your faith. If you're called to prostrate yourself before the lord, then act on your faith.

Let this book help you develop your prayer and devotion time into a deep and special connection with God. It provides you with many examples of Christian prayers, traditional and modern, famous and lesser known. You can repeat these words as part of your prayers, especially if they resonate deeply with you (or if it's hard for you to "find the words" when you pray). Also, the prayers in this book can inspire you create your own and speak the words that come from your heart.

It doesn't matter if you use the words provided or create your own - what is important is to pray from your heart. God wants to hear from you, and he's ready to listen to what you have to say.

This inspirational book is more than just a book of prayers. It helps you understand many of traditional prayers from scripture and how to listen to what God is saying back to you. You'll come back to this book again and again for its wisdom, compassion, and wealth of beautiful prayers from across the ages.

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