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  • Diving into Spiritual highs, how connecting with source energy takes you & your life to a brand new level.... and how you use that focused energy to live a life of fulfillment.
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  • May 12 2022
    Brandon Handley 0:00 Ready? What do you think of that guys? That's the st. Seybold, meditation, Tibetan, Pan beaten brass and bowl that I got for Christmas, everybody Christmas. Finally, just figured that, since I'm into the energy work, the sound were meditation, I guess I'm a kind of an easy target. Now as I look over there, and I see that I've also got a bunch of crystals with a tuning fork too, that I can charge up. It's cool stuff, definitely enjoy it. But I always want to think about hitting that Tibetan singing bowl as we get going here. So wanted to catch up. As always listen, you know, there's a lot going on. I think that sometimes you see somebody and you see what they've been up to. And then next time you see them. Like something happened, maybe maybe you and I speak and and you already know that into this breath workspace. And then next time you talk to me, I tell you, hey, this thing happened. That I want it to happen. And it seems linear. Because when we tell these linear stories, or we tell stories, they kind of have to be time bound and linear. And it's not always that's not, that's how it looks on the outside. That's how it looks on the outside. So when we when we talk about this story, I want to share what's happened with me recently. And this is in relation to kind of stepping out beyond my comfort zone. And doing something I wish I could say was scared, I don't know that I was scared. Or you know that it was beyond my comfort zone. And I was concerned, it was beyond my comfort zone in the fact that it was something that I hadn't done before. Right. So I want to do this breath work and I want to reach out to people and I want to I want to have some impact. Meg and I have been talking and you certainly love to make money, doing the breath work paid money to do the course still paying paid for the course. But a big part of doing it is to do some give back to the community how can I actually serve others? And you know, make have an impact? Because I think that we want to be successful for sure. But how can we have a life of significance How can we impact others and in such a positive way that they are moved to be I hate saying their best selves, I don't want anybody there already that that best self art is kind of their as you may or may not know, vegan, I got an argument once upon a time. And she's just says, you know, you just see people for their potential, not as they are and 100% correct in that. And while it's not necessarily an insult, but the thing, the thing is, is like to see them as great as they are in the place that they are right now and recognize and reflect that to them versus Oh, you're wasting your potential kind of thing. And oh, here's, here's who you could be. And I think that was that was what she meant by that. I was breaking up with her. So So my thing is, is that I was what do I do next with this breath work? And how do I you know, and I'm not even thinking about this significant thing so much as I'm thinking about how can I give to the community? How can I do something without expectation? How can it be con anyways? A an idea that had been brewing in my mind for quite some time, and I hadn't taken any action on it. And the idea had been, what if I offer some of this breathwork these breathwork services to a recovery facility for people who are going through recovery, I reached out to my friend Dave, and I, you know, kind of ping ping the idea off of him. Said, Hey, I'm thinking about reaching out to these guys. Is this a good idea? Is this a fit? He's got 25 years of recovery and is active in AAA. So I said, Hey, and he's absolutely, absolutely 100% It's a fit. So, look, I don't have a card. I don't have an agenda. I don't have a pamphlet. I don't have a presentation. But I know this is something that can help others. I know that this is something that I can do. For someone who's going through the recovery process. Teach them not just the breath work tools, but the whole all these things that the transformational coaching and do this for people because when when they're and I've been in this space before I've gone into rehab Gee, I went into rehab and I was like 19, I've definitely gone through the process of, of quitting, quit drinking, what, five years ago, and I haven't had a drink. And it's not, it's not always easy without some of these tools to leverage. I would be hard pressed it would be, it'd be a real challenge for me. Sometimes I break. Sometimes I say to myself, Man, I told Mac, I said, I've said I've had like, you know what, sometimes it's just be easier. If I could just go grab a drink, say fuck it. And, you know, so much easier, right? But is that I, I don't do that. I rely on some of these tools. I do the breath work, I do the meditation, I go read I go exercise. I do the jujitsu and I stick to that there I say the plan. And I err, quote the plan. But these are the things if I continue to do that, then I wake up the next day, and I still respect...
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  • Apr 30 2022
    Brandon Handley 0:00 What is going on spiritual dope, I am chilling like literally in the middle of some some field right down the street from us where it was a farm converted into a park scenario. And it's it's crazy. It's not crazy. It's just great like here I am. It's a beautiful big blue sky. Perfect summer well not even summer spring breeze. Look at 5g I've got it's got 5g here, whether or not it's frying my brain, I don't know. But what I do know is that I'm in the middle of a field. grasses, just perfect. Maybe 60 some odd degrees, some as you can hear the birds and you just feel spring happening. And I'm getting ready to hop on with a few my buddies where we are talking about the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Really good book so far really, really interested in it really great. One of the biggest takeaways for me so far has been a couple of nice takeaways so far. But the one of the biggest ones is the Bardo, which is this state of transition Bardot's or the states of transition where enlightenment can happen or awakening can happen. Have to go back and double check the specifics on that. Either way, one of those twos always always a cool thing. Except for so far, I think in the middle of it, especially the awakenings session or awakening, if you don't know what's going on, there's a little bit of being freaked out going on. And in that kind of mess the magic is happening right? You don't know when the middle of all that mess that the magic is happening. You just like this is a fucking mess. Bring that up. It's kind of interesting, a couple of couple of things. One thing is talking to another friend of mine, and just brought up the kind of idea of what's going on in your life. And he brought up the, I think, you know, the idea of turning into a butterfly. And there's a chrysalis state and of course we all know that the caterpillar precedes it all jotted down is like nobody really ever goes back and interviews the caterpillar. Right? Nobody goes back and, and checks the scene to say, it's almost like, I don't even know what you call it. Right? It's like that. You know what? I know that I'm done with this forum. I knows I'm done with this state of being and I'm ready for my transition. Like where is that fucking trigger? Like who does that? Where's that decision made? I'm done. I'm done being a caterpillar. You really can't first of all, maybe you could maybe be like, Hey, where are you going caterpillar on my way to you know morph. I'm on my way to destroy everything I've ever known ever been. So that I may become this this other things fluttery, fucking black guy. And I think about that because there's a guy another guy back in, when I first kind of got started in the space of just, you know, self development, and whatnot. You brought it up because nobody really wants to hear you going through your shit. Right? Nobody really wants to hear about you going through your shit. They just want to know how do you fix it? Because if you're still in this shit, people are just like, I'm in my shit to your and your shit. I'm in my shit. We're all in the sick. We're in the shit together. Right? I mean, you hear people say that. Hey, we're in this shit together. Nobody ever says you know you never hear somebody you know talking about being interviewed while you're in the shit. You hear about people you know kind of before they hit the shit. Oh, wow. They were great people this is how they were before then. Right? Oh, you know, Mary was fantastic until you know somebody spiked to drink one night after that it's all going to shift or Jerry was great until fucking you know we lost a job and then it all went downhill from there. Nobody see nobody ever talks to the person really, while they're going through the shit. Right? Oh yeah, but he rebounded and now he's great. Oh yeah, but she's rebounded in Nazareth What the fuck happened in the middle there happened in the chrysalis state because again, totally destroyed everything that ever was and that you don't really see that with I think humans too much a lot of times you'll run into somebody from high school or school or an old work colleague and that's pretty much the same as you remember. Maybe a couple quirks or differences or children. But for the most part, they're pretty much not not a whole lot has changed the butterfly. Completely different than the caterpillar like, I mean, two totally two totally different things, right. You don't go over there and say, Oh, hey, look, there's a baby butterfly over there. A butterfly being caterpillar. Like there's a caterpillar. There's a cocoon. There's a butterfly. So what happens in the middle there? And I think that that's, you know, I think that Unknown Speaker 6:23 some of those pieces that get lost some of those are the pieces that get lost we Brandon Handley 6:32 we love we love the rebound story. We don't really love to hear about like, kind of what went through the middle there like Oh, shit, man, I was ...
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  • Apr 26 2022
    Brandon Handley 0:00 He what's going on? Spiritual Dope. So what are we looking at? What are we looking at today? I had an I had somebody reach out to me that wanted to do a, a kind of activation meditation. And so I was like, Sure, set it up. And I did it recently and thought it was pretty cool. And part of the experience was that, you know, as you're sitting into the meditation as you're being guided, one of the things that you do, and I did was pull all the energy out that you've been sending out, right, call it all back. And that's great. Here's the deal. Not all of my energy that I send out, is amazing, right? There are definitely some moments throughout the day where I'm like, fuck this, that I shouldn't be doing this. Don't get me wrong. There's also plenty of moments where I'm like, Oh, I'm so grateful. Namaste, bitches. But a couple of things happen. Right? So, you know, what did come back to me. And it came back, like, immediately, during the meditation, were a couple of things that I kind of already do, or did or have sent out, right. So some of the energies that I sent out, showed up in the specific meditation. And what were some of those things, some of those things were the kind of like, when you're sitting in your meditation, and you're, maybe you're visualizing a light, you don't just visualize this kind of 180 degrees that you sit in front of you, right? You, me, you us we are radiant, beings, meaning that the energy that you send out doesn't just go forward, it goes around behind, beneath above, like, the frickin sun. Oh, like a light bulb. Any one of those things? Light bulb or a sun you choose. And so that was one of the things that she brought up in this meditation, I was like, wow, I know, I'm always that's exactly, you know, the guidance was to do that. And I was like, shit, that's the, that's exactly the way that you know, kind of, I see it. Another one of the pieces of guidance were like, go to the edge of the universe in your mind. Right. And here's like, the funny thing is, is that you can, is as vast as the universe is you can imagine sending your mind to the edges of universe. And that was the guidance. And that is something that I've sent out mentally, I've never said that stuff before it came back. Now, that's pretty cool stuff, the deal is, again, some time sending out some shit. And just kind of be mindful that I need to be more mindful that myself. So this does meditation made me realize, and again, you know, all the things that kind of you send out, come back. And definitely, absolutely visualize this as a torus field. If you're not familiar with the torus field, it's basically a doughnut of ever generating energy with you in the center of it. Imagine, if you will, when you look at the United States are not the United States, when they when you look at Planet Earth, and they show pictures of kind of the magnetic field, from north to south and how it goes around the planet and protects us or sends out you know, these kinds of energy fields, you do the same thing, I do the same thing, we do the same thing we are making, we're magnetic. Anyways, you know, our hearts send out magnetic field, that's been, you know that, that's the shift that gets calculated, right, that's the ship that gets captured. So that's what a torus field is. So the other piece about torus field those, since you're generating it, you're at the center. And when you generate it, it's the smallest piece, right? That's the smallest piece and then when you send it out, again, goes out kind of like a doughnut but but bigger and water. If you've seen the fields that surround the earth, just like that the earth is smaller than the magnetic field that it generates. You are the same way. You have these magnetic fields that you turn Right and that you've got polls on you. You're like a tiny dancers of different. You're, you're a pole dancer, you, you, you, you're the same way, right? You're sending out these, these, these fields as well. So we got to take this kind of stance of like, wherever you are. Just notice and this isn't like a police yourself, notice what you send out and take a look at em for what comes back. Notice what's showing up in your life. And see if you can kind of pinpoint where you think that might have originated from because you're sending it out. It's going out and it's like, I'm gonna go get you some friends, motherfucker, right? Like your thoughts. Like I'm sending out this one thought. But the one thoughts like, I know where there's a shit ton of these and I'll go out bring the whole game, right? It's kind of like, you know, the drunk guy that has wandering the streets and you lose them. You lose the drunk friend. And then when you finally catch up with them again, he's got like, fucking 20 other drugs with them. Right? Like, dude, they're all like, we're all coming back to the bars close. We're all coming back to your house. No, you are not. Yes, they are. Right? You're trying to ...
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