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Life in the city is hectic and noisy, but in a tiny town up north where her grandparents live, there is no notion of time for Shorty Bean and her beloved pet, Smarty. Together they discover a divine power that has been dormant for many years as they explore the Gazman Forest where they meet a bald eagle, an Indian chief, a blind cat, an anxious turtle, an Irish porcupine, a military fish, and a royal frog. But these discoveries are not without opposition as she encounters the winds of the north, the ravens of the air, and the black bears. 

This story is about a New World seen in the eyes of a little girl. A story of perseverance, family values, wonderful friends and divine destiny. 

Join the adventures of the Shorty Bean series, and discover an entire world filled with imagination that is just waiting for you to begin!

©2010 Holly Szurpicki (P)2018 Holly Szurpicki

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