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  • The Pharmacist’s Voice Podcast is a weekly, journey-style podcast about Ohio pharmacist Kim Newlove's career change from pharmacist to voice actor. She alternates solo shows and interview shows. The solo shows are about her career change, and the interview shows feature a variety of people who use their voices to advocate, educate, or entertain.
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  • PGX Pharmacists Series Part 1 of 4, Interview with Dan Krinsky, BS, MS, RPh, FAPhA

    Jan 28 2022
    PGX Pharmacists Series line-up 1/28/22, Dan Krinsky, BS, MS, RPh, FAPhA 2/11/22, Sue Paul, RPh 2/25/22, Mariam S. Yasin, student (PharmD and MS PGX Candidate) 3/11/22, Jamie Wilkey, PharmD Read the full show notes at https://www.thepharmacistsvoice.com/podcast Daniel Krinsky is an entrepreneur and pharmacist who is passionate about advancing patient care and the pharmacy profession. He recently started two businesses whose respective missions and visions are focused on each of these areas. The first business, PGx101, is directed towards educating healthcare providers in the area of pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine. The second, EduCare4U, is focused on patient, student and healthcare provider education and enhancing patient care. Mr. Krinsky is currently an Adjunct Professor at the LECOM School of Pharmacy, serving as a course director, lecturer, and student advisor. Mr. Krinsky’s areas of expertise include community pharmacy practice, drug information, patient counseling and education, OTCs, natural products, and developing and implementing medication therapy and disease state management programs. Mentioned in this episode Dan Krinsky, BS, MS, RPh, FAPhA | LinkedIn  EduCare4U website PGX101 website EduCare4U, LLC: Overview | LinkedIn PGx101: Overview | LinkedIn PGX101 Facebook Page Medipreneurs The Pharmacist’s Voice Podcast Episode 3 with guest Tom Titkemeier, RPh St. Vincent (St. V’s) Medical Center Toledo, OH  The University of Toledo (UT) College of Pharmacy (Toledo, OH) AJHP American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy  Kaiser Permanente Lexicomp Ohio Northern University College of Pharmacy Natural Therapeutics Pocket Guide Drug Nutrient Depletion Handbook NACDS NEOMED College of Pharmacy Sue Paul, RPh Switch by Chip and Dan Heath Pharmacy Today Palm Beach Atlantic University Gregory School of Pharmacy PGX101 Training February 26 and 27, 2022 Thank you for listening to episode 133 of The Pharmacist’s Voice ® Podcast! Subscribe to or Follow The Pharmacist’s Voice Podcast! Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Amazon/Audible Highlights from the interview Dan and I met at Medipreneurs in Asheville, NC.  We have a mutual acquaintance:  my Uncle Tom Titkemeier (see The Pharmacist’s Voice Podcast Episode 3).  Dan was one of Uncle Tom and Aunt Janet’s interns at St. V’s in Toledo while attending pharmacy school at The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy. We discussed the chronological progression of Dan’s career.  Why did Dan pick pharmacy school?  His Dad’s best friend was a community pharmacist.  Dan wanted to go into healthcare and own his own business, so he decided to go to pharmacy school.  Dan went to grad school at UT.  He got a MS Degree in Hospital Pharmacy.  The focus was on teaching and research.  After graduating from UT with his MS Degree, Dan left Toledo for a job developing clinical services in NC.  It didn’t work out.  He moved on to another job, which he discovered by searching the “Help Wanted” ads in AJHP (American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy).  A position for a clinical coordinator for the pharmacokinetics service at the University of Alabama Hospital in Birmingham was advertised.  Although Dan felt unqualified, he ended up joining the Drug Resource Team at the University of Alabama Hospital in Birmingham as the coordinator for the pharmacokinetics service.  He expanded the volume of consults the role formerly served.  Dan also taught Auburn Pharmacy Students.  It was a good experience, but he was on-call all the time.  The stress and time commitment weren’t right for him and his family, so he and his family moved back to Ohio.   Dan then worked for Kaiser Permanente and made his first connection to Lexicomp while there.  Lexicomp has been part of Dan’s life ever since.  In the mid 1990’s, Dan became the 1st pharmacist in the US to hold a shared position with a college of pharmacy and a community pharmacy:  Ohio Northern University College (ONU) of Pharmacy and Ritzman Pharmacy.  Dan provided MTM services at Ritzman’s before MTM had a name!  Since his time at ONU, Dan has helped NACDS replicate the shared position he had at ONU.  Today, there are hundreds of shared positions in the US. Dan co-authored 2 books on natural products for Lexicomp.  They are Natural Therapeutics Pocket Guide Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook Dan left Ritzman’s Pharmacy and went to work at Lexicomp. Lexicomp felt like a family.  It had a great company culture with company outings to Cedar Point and more.   Dan developed a RX Wiki resource.   Dan held a shared faculty position with NEOMED and Giant Eagle.  When Dan left that position, he could have retired, but he didn’t!  Instead, he co-founded PGX101 and founded EduCare4U. How did Dan get into PGX?  He took the Test2Learn™️ Train the Trainer PGX Course so he could develop a PGX elective course at...
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  • Celebrating 2 years in podcasting!

    Jan 21 2022
    I’m celebrating 2 full years in podcasting today (January 21, 2022). If you’re new to the show, WELCOME!  This is a great episode to start with!  In this episode, I share a little bit about me,  some history about this podcast (when and why I started it, who it’s for, and what I want listeners to do with the information), some of the struggles I’ve worked through in the first two years of the podcast, and what’s coming up as I begin my third year in podcasting. Read the full show notes at The Pharmacist’s Voice ® Podcast https://www.thepharmacistsvoice.com/podcast Mentioned in this episode Dr. Erin L. Albert  University of Toledo College of Pharmacy Pharmacy Camp at The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy Accent 1000 made by the Prentke Romich Company Episode 24 of The Pharmacist’s Voice Podcast “Why I started a podcast” American Red Cross blood drives Wood County Addiction Task Force Beyond Powerful Radio by Valerie Geller (book) Episode 126 of The Pharmacist’s Voice Podcast "How long does it take to create a podcast episode from idea to published and does it really need to take that long?" Episode 130 of The Pharmacist’s Voice Podcast “1+1=4.  What pharmacists can learn from Belgian Draft Horses” Muscle tension dysphonia and treatment with voice therapy NaPodPoMo = National Podcast Post Month (an annual challenge in November)   Highlights from the episode I am a pharmacist, voice actor, podcast host, wife, mom of 2 teenaged boys, and a volunteer.  Why did I start a podcast?  I started The Pharmacist’s Voice Podcast for three reasons: Dr. Erin L. Albert suggested I look into starting a podcast; the podcast works as a branding tool; and the podcast helps me network. Who is my intended audience?  Pharmacists, pharmacy students, pharmacy technicians, and voice actors in the medical space.  What do I want you to do with the information in this podcast?  The number one thing I want you to do is BE INSPIRED TO USE YOUR VOICE!  That means, I want you to feel inspired to use your expertise/your passion for something that you feel is worthwhile.  Please note that I am not the voice of the pharmacy profession.  This podcast is not about me trying to position myself as the voice of the pharmacy profession.  I want to inspire people to use their voices. The 4 main things I struggle with are carrying the conversation all by myself on solo shows (because I’m a reactor, not a generator), finding time to podcast, audio engineering, and voice issues, like muscle tension dysphonia and losing my voice after a cold.   Coming up in 2022, I will continue to publish one episode/week.  There will be solo shows and interview shows.  I plan to do more series, and I hope to participate in NaPodPoMo.   Thank you for listening to episode 132 of The Pharmacist’s Voice ® Podcast!  Please subscribe to/follow The Pharmacist’s Voice ® Podcast for all future episodes. Subscribe to or Follow The Pharmacist’s Voice Podcast! Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Amazon/Audible   🖥Check out Kim’s websites, and connect with her on social media! ✅Business website https://www.thepharmacistsvoice.com ✅The Pharmacist’s Voice ® Podcast https://www.thepharmacistsvoice.com/podcast ✅Pronounce Drug Names Like a Pro © Online Course https://www.kimnewlove.com  ✅LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimnewlove ✅Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kim.newlove.96 ✅Twitter https://twitter.com/KimNewloveVO ✅Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kimnewlovevo/ ✅YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA3UyhNBi9CCqIMP8t1wRZQ ✅ACX (Audiobook Narrator Profile) https://www.acx.com/narrator?p=A10FSORRTANJ4Z ✅Start a podcast with the same coach who helped me get started (Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting)! **Affiliate Link**
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  • Women Pharmacist Writers Series Part 4 of 4: Interview with Maria Glukhovsky, PharmD

    Jan 14 2022
    Maria Glukhovsky has been a pharmacist for the past twelve years, clinical educator across many disease states, and a clinical instructor at a Doctor of Pharmacy Program. She taught many diabetes and hypertension seminars to her patients over the years and has discovered everyone needs support and encouragement to succeed in their journey to better health. She is a prescription monograph reviewer and editor at a top tele-health company, Plushcare.com, a contributing author for PACS (www.panicandanxiety.org), and a contributing author to Thrive Global. She loves medical writing and contributing to projects that will impact others to make a difference. She has recently published a children’s book to promote mental health in children and their self-esteem, called Finny’s Greatest Discovery.  She prides herself in helping and supporting patients and everyone around her in any way she can and fights to help them in any way she can, whether it is for the cost of their medication or the disease state they are facing.  She has a passion for creating highest-in-class continuing medical education and touching and improving lives by educating health care providers that ultimately results in delivering the best medical care to patients around the world. Mentioned in this episode LinkedIn Dr. Maria Glukhovsky Pharm.D. Instagram: @pharmacistwhouplifts Finny’s Greatest Discovery (children’s book) by Dr. Maria Glukhovsky, PharmD and Juliana Grace Sharoyan Leo the Late Bloomer (children’s book) by Robert Kraus CME Outfitters https://plushcare.com (tele-health company) Thrive Global PACS www.panicandanxiety.org  OPA (Ohio Pharmacists Association) Annual Meeting (CE opportunities) To learn more about imposter syndrome, read Own Your Greatness:  Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Beat Self-Doubt, and Succeed in Life by Drs. Lisa and Richard Orbé-Austin.   John Kevin Hines is an American suicide prevention speaker, who gained nationwide fame in the United States for surviving an attempt at taking his own life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California (Wikipedia 1-13-22) US Veterans wear special hats.  See images in the blogpost on thepharmacistsvoice.com/podcast for episode 131. Poison Help Line Number 1-800-222-1222 Poison Control website Thank you for listening to episode 131 of The Pharmacist’s Voice ® Podcast! Read the full show notes at The Pharmacist’s Voice ® Podcast https://www.thepharmacistsvoice.com/podcast and click on episode 131. Highlights from the interview How did Maria get started in writing?   While a community pharmacist, she created patient-friendly resources.  Then, she became a part-time freelance medical writer.  As her writing career progressed, she became a full-time writer. Advice Maria gives pharmacists she speaks to who are interested in medical writing:   Don’t underestimate the experience you already have.  As a pharmacist, you already have a great foundation for your ability to write.  Her favorite topic to write about is mental health.  She likes making an impact on others.   Maria shared her experience with freelance writing websites.  It was an entry point at one time that led to more clients and word-of-mouth referrals.   Maria has experience creating CME (continuing medical education) on a range of topics, including hypertension, diabetes, lifestyle modification, osteoporosis, breast cancer screening, and mental health resilience.  Her content can be found on websites, in presentations, and on social media.   Many US Veterans suffer from loneliness.  It is important to acknowledge Veterans in public, ask how they are doing, and thank them for their service.  My Dad (Kim’s Dad) is a combat Veteran.  See the images of Veterans wearing special hats in the show notes (blogpost) for episode 131 on thepharmacistsvoice.com/podcast. Maria and her daughter Juliana Grace wrote a book together.  It’s called Finny’s Greatest Discovery.  The messages in the book can start a conversation with a child about being different, bullying, and self-worth.  It is written in kid-friendly language.  My favorite sentence is, “He was wonderfully made.”   Maria and Juliana Grace are working on a second book about good deeds multiplying and making the world a better place.  Goal completion date is summer 2022.   Maria also used her voice to create a poison prevention program for children with autism.  Maria encourages pharmacists to create/deliver poison prevention lessons at schools and provide students with poison prevention stickers and the Poison Help Line Number 1-800-222-1222.  Don’t underestimate the value of just showing up to a school to give a presentation.  You could save a life! Subscribe to or Follow The Pharmacist’s Voice Podcast! Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Amazon/Audible 🖥Check out Kim’s websites, and connect with her on social media! ✅Business website https://www.thepharmacistsvoice.com ...
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