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  • Tired of fighting body image the world's way? Ready for real talk about overcoming your body image and comparison issues without the pressure to "love" your body? Then Compared to Who? is the show for you. Get practical, grace-filled, gospel-centered truth presented in a laugh out loud funny and relatable way. Author, speaker, and Christian body image coach Heather Creekmore will encourage and motivate you with ways to live a life free of comparison, body image issues, and insecurity. Stop comparing and start living. Find out more about Heather Creekmore and the ministry of Compared to Who? at https://www.comparedtowho.me.
    Heather Creekmore 2022
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  • May 27 2022

    Summer is coming and culture tells us it's time to focus on how to look great in a swimsuit. So today, we explore God's word to see how scripture can guide us on this pursuit. Today, we're talking confidence, approval, and how most (if not all) women wrestle never feeling like they look good enough. What does the Gospel say to our insecurities? If you've ever felt like you just don't look good enough to put on swimwear (or wear it in public)--this episode will encourage your heart!

    Today Heather talks about what's really behind our struggles to look great in a swimsuit:

    • Why the secret to looking good in a swimsuit can't just be drinking miracle weight-loss drinks or doing planks. Even if we "perfect" our bodies by culture's standards--we can still struggle with body image.
    • Why it's important to remember that God's saving grace doesn't just make us secure for all of eternity, it makes us secure in the here and now.
    • How wearing swimwear (or wearing it well) isn't the actual validation our hearts need when we struggle with body image issues.
    • If you want to look great in a swimsuit, it doesn't require a body makeover, it requires a spiritual one.

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  • May 24 2022

    Do we need more self-control to stop eating? That's what many of us have believed. In this part two of a conversation between Heather Creekmore and Amy Carlson, RD -- we break down the spiritual fallacies surrounding applying self-control to wanting to be a "better dieter." Amy and Heather talk about the heart problems surrounding our desire to control our bodies through restricting food and what's really under the surface when we talk about needing more "self-control" to not eat foods we deem may make us gain weight.

    Here are some other topics we hit in today's episode: Do I Need More Self Control to Stop Eating:

    • What is the real appetite that requires self-control? Is it our desire for food or is it our desire to satisfy our own desires--what I "want" for my body?
    • Why self control to stop eating is a dangerous and distorted version of the Bible's self control
    • How we reinforce the messages of diet culture in the church when we equate purity, holiness, and sanctification to being able to say no to dessert.
    • We talk about how rattling it is for women who have been immersed in diet culture to recognize the truth of scripture from the lies of the dieting world.
    • We discuss how we subtly fall into the trap of desiring self-worship when we want to change our body size through food restriction.
    • If self-control isn't what we need to have better "control" of our eating (or to stop eating)-then what can we do? What should we be praying for instead?
    • How we can change the conversation around food and body image issues by pushing back on some of these beliefs that have been taught even in the church and asking ourselves if the intent of scripture has been twisted to teach the gospel of diet culture instead of the true gospel--the good news!

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  • May 20 2022

    It's a popular message in Christian circles when the topic of food arises--we need more self control. The message is subtle but clear. If you had more self control, food issues would disappear. If you had more self control (which is a fruit of the spirit) then you would always choose Jesus over brownies. If you have more self control, you'd never have an issue with your weight. We've made the biblical concept of self control all about sticking to our diet. But, is that what self control is really about, according to scripture?

    Today, my guest is Amy Carlson, RD. She's worked with women with disordered eating and eating disorders for more than two decades. She loves Jesus and loves helping women break free from the bondage of food restriction cycles so they can make peace with food. She and her colleagues created the Peace With Food App, a helpful app that encourages you to be present and helps you transition to intuitive eating.

    Here are places we go today as we tackle this big topic: Is Self Control Really the Solution to Our Food Issues?

    • What does it really mean to deny the flesh?
    • Why have we made self control about denying ourselves of food and what is really behind that?
    • Does Jesus really have clear opinions on what we eat?
    • How the church has co-opted the messages of diet culture surrounding good foods, bad foods, and sanctification that comes from eating what's most "acceptable" in our diet culture.
    • Why self control is more about looking like Jesus than looking like a model.
    • Why food restriction isn't holiness or sanctification (and how food really doesn't have anything to do with these biblical concepts.)
    • How we conflate the concept of gluttony when we talk about having "control" around food.
    • How biblical self-discipline is about controlling lusts of the flesh, not about avoiding nourishment of our bodies.
    • How truly changing our desires and becoming more like Christ has more to do with how we love and treat others than it does about what we eat.
    • And so much more!

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