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Gamblers and goblins. Dragons and duels. Scoundrels of every make and description.

Dive back into the worlds of the best-selling Twinborn Trilogy with this collection of eight short stories - including three exclusive, never-before-published works. J.S. Morin peels back the larger Twinborn story to reveal the smaller tales concealed beneath.

Gamble with pirates in "Crackle Man". Curry favor with a living god in "To Serve a Dragon". Join the hunt for ogres in "War-Bringer". 

For some characters, this is their beginning. For others, this is the end. But for a fortunate few, their adventures continue on in Twinborn Chronicles: War of 3 Worlds.

©2013 J.S. Morin (P)2019 J.S. Morin

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