There’s a slight

chill in the air, the pumpkin spice and apple cider donuts are hitting the stores, and by the time you receive this transmission, we will be a mere 51 days away from Halloween. It is my season, people. I’ve mentioned before my new habit of taking long walks with a good listen—and call me crazy, but something about Missouri's 95 degree temps, 95% humidity, and incessant thunderstorms kept me from enjoying that particular hobby as much as I would have liked to this summer. But now, with cooler weather on the horizon, I’m lacing up my walking shoes, donning a sweater it is probably still too hot for, and pressing play.

So what’s on my walking playlist this month? Some back-to-school themed gems, a few impending screen adaptations, and horror—plenty of horror. Time to get spooky and cozy, my friends.

- Sam, Audible editor

About the Editor

Sam is obsessed with sci-fi & fantasy in all forms, with a particular soft spot for robots, time travel, and kick-ass heroines. When she’s not exploring distant galaxies and treacherous dungeons, she enjoys a healthy dose of memoirs, horror, and true crime. She is also an avid knitter who uses audiobooks to get her through mundane and challenging patterns—even if the more intense listens tend to mess with her tension.

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