I can't even

process the holidays right now, because I’m getting married in just a few short days. And if you’ll allow me to gush for a moment, it seems fitting that this newsletter is the last thing I’m working on before the wedding. Sci-fi has been a huge part of my relationship since the beginning—in our earliest conversations, my fiancé and I bonded over classics we both loved. So naturally, it had to be a part of our wedding day as well. Our readings are by Margaret Atwood and Douglas Adams, and we’re naming each of our tables after some of our favorite fictional spacecraft. There’s the Millennium Falcon, the Heart of Gold, the Starblaster (bonus points if you get this one), and more.

I hope these nerdy little touches spark some conversation, intrigue, and maybe even bonding among our guests. As I honestly hope this newsletter does for you each month. (See, I warned you I was going to get sentimental here!) So happy holidays all, and may you get the opportunity to share some of your favorite nerdy passions with those you love this season.

- Sam, Audible editor

About the Editor

Sam is obsessed with sci-fi & fantasy in all forms, with a particular soft spot for robots, time travel, and kick-ass heroines. When she’s not exploring distant galaxies and treacherous dungeons, she enjoys a healthy dose of memoirs, horror, and true crime. She is also an avid knitter who uses audiobooks to get her through mundane and challenging patterns—even if the more intense listens tend to mess with her tension.

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