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Nicole is an avid listener of mysteries & thrillers. From the time she first joined Audible six years ago, as a sophomore in high school, she's been an outspoken advocate for all books spooky and suspenseful. So, one can deduce that along with her recently earned college degree in Government and Law, she's an expert in the kind of audiobooks you should listen to with the lights on. Whodunit? Well, Nicole will figure it out!

Books vs. Films: Let's Get Ready to Debate!

The titles below have all been made into critically acclaimed movies, but let's not forget where it all began. If you've only seen the movie version of these genre classics, check out what you're missing in the world of audio!

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The Conception of Terror: Tales Inspired by M. R. James - Volume 1

An Audible Original Drama
Length: 4 hrs and 13 mins
Original Recording
4 out of 5 stars 4.2 (22 ratings)

In My Biased Opinion...

These are the top 5 series! Either inspired by strong female leads or my personal self-confidence booster, these series all have greatness in them that makes them relatable to people of all ages. To me, these are the OG's of series!
Diversity in Kid's Literature
The first book from Rick Riordan's new imprint shows exactly why we need diversity across kid lit. The Percy Jackson author talks about championing diversity with his new Disney imprint, and we hear from Roshani Chokshi, author of the first book, 'Aru Shah and the End of Time.'

Nicole's Picks

Throwbacks for the Soul: Just a New Adult Casually Attempting to Hold Onto Her Childhood

The Giver By: Lois Lowry
“Lois Lowry was a household name when I was a child, mainly because of this masterpiece. However, The Giver is a timeless tale, one that society needs to remind itself that there is no weakness in feeling a little something, in a non-sappy way, of course.”
Island of the Blue Dolphins By: Scott O'Dell
“A novel I will never forget. Island of the Blue Dolphins was the tear-jerker of the quarter for my 5th grade book club. In audio, what I thought couldn't be topped, was brought to life so well-done, I began to live vicariously through Karana while listening.”
Walk Two Moons By: Sharon Creech
“Originally read when I was in elementary school, I revisited this title because its tale is dynamic and tragically beautiful. No spoilers here, but if you've read this before, give it a listen. You will learn some of life's most valuable lessons.”

Need more throwbacks? Look no further!

As I leave my spot at the kid's table for the adult seat, I can't help clinging to what I'm letting go! Even if I become too old (no such thing) to enjoy these titles fully, I will happily pass these literary gems down to my siblings and my future children. Here are some titles for their (my) enjoyment below!

Nicole's Top Review

    • It

    • By: Stephen King
    • Narrated by: Steven Weber
    • Length: 44 hrs and 55 mins
    • Unabridged
    • Overall
      4.5 out of 5 stars 39,378
    • Performance
      5 out of 5 stars 36,303
    • Story
      4.5 out of 5 stars 36,184

    Welcome to Derry, Maine. It’s a small city, a place as hauntingly familiar as your own hometown. Only in Derry the haunting is real....

    • 4 out of 5 stars
    • Great Audiobook! Editing Clarification

    • By jeverett on 10-06-17
    • By: Stephen King
    • Narrated by: Steven Weber
    • Length: 44 hrs and 55 mins
    • Release date: 01-01-16
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 39,378 ratings
    • A Classic with a Top-Notch Performance!
    • I first would like to start off with saying that I have listened to Stephen King's It four times already, and I still can't get enough of it! Stephen King is a mastermind (like always) with the beautiful attention to detail he gives for every single character's background and inner thoughts. It's captivating and sucks you into Derry, a town with a dark history, a scary present, and an uncertain future. If you're like me who saw the TV movie before reading the book, you will be shocked by how different the book is! The details of the novel makes you feel as if you have lived in Derry all of your life and live next door to all of the characters. The book is beautiful, and the performance by Steven Weber is only worthy of praise. If you thought Tim Curry was the best Pennywise you had ever seen, wait until you see what Steven Weber can do with only his voice. The performance will give you chills!

      The story of It is a dark one that must not be listened to lightly. The novel is, in my opinion, the most graphic, brutal, and original novel that Stephen King has ever written. Because the victims of Pennywise are children, one must listen at their own caution because Stephen King does not shy away from any grizzly and provocative detail that is needed to make this story as powerful and shocking as it is. The story is told in various character perspectives, however it's heavily centered around the 7 main characters voices and experiences. The additional perspectives given only adds to the depth of the intricate story that King molds. The novel goes back and forth between different point of Derry's history in order to set the stage for what has been going on in Derry, Maine long before the town was even there. The real beauty is in the character development that takes place in these time jumps. You will learn so much about all of the characters, and it will help understand and empathize all of the characters for what drives their behavior. No character can be deemed insignificant in this novel. The book is nearly 45 hours and has no dragging parts because every word is essential for the understanding of the story. The TV movie can't even begin to touch the depth that King has given this story. It truly is amazing how far this novel reaches.

      Steven Weber's performance is one that left me shaken to the core. The first time I listened to the book, I was skeptical at the thought of the audiobook being better or even comparable to the movie (crazy right?). However, 5 minutes in, I realized I was listening to a ingenius and chilling performance. Weber clearly gives each character its own voice and brings the story to life without the need for visuals. You can hear the fear, the courage, the desperation, and etc. that each character feels through his performance. When it came to the voice of Pennywise, he honestly made me feel fear (something I had not felt while watching Stephen King's It, even as a child). His rendition honestly reminded me of the sewer that It crawled out of. It was beautiful! Weber is a genius at what he does, and this novel was perfect to show the range that he can reach. From the voice of a frantic New England mother to the little children he portrayed, you felt as if these were different people all together, not just one man doing voices.

      I had modest hopes for this audiobook, and I was given a masterpiece. I will continue to listen this book because I could never tire of it.