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Tune In to Our Favorite Music Memoirs

We’ve been finding solace in stories that follow our other favorite thing to listen to: music. We’ve gathered a selection of pitch-perfect memoirs from music legends in a variety of genres and styles. By turns bold, brash, and moving, these listens shed light on the sold-out shows, backstage drama, and sometimes dark underbelly of the recording industry, while highlighting the charisma, energy, and artistry that had us hooked from the first soundwave.

Celebrity Women with Must-Listen Audiobook Memoirs

Female writers are our jam! Sure, they comprise a broad group (pun intended), but we're especially partial to celebrity memoirs and essay collections—so much so that they have become our foolproof listening-slump busters. Always, always go with the audiobook if it’s narrated by the celebrity. Rather than sitting down with a book, it feels like hanging out with a girlfriend who has endless insights and stories.

The Best Biography Audiobooks to Educate, Fascinate and Inspire

The best biographies are ranked not only by the scale and skill of their writing, but also by the strength of their subjects. In the audiobook world, these selections are also judged for the quality of their narrative performances, making those that rise to the top all the more excellent. These titles represent the best biography audiobooks for your listening pleasure.

Starstruck? The 50 Greatest Celebrity Memoirs of All Time Are Here

The best celebrity memoir audiobooks are in a league of their own. This competitive genre continues to evolve and innovate as more stars discover the power of audio, often blending memoir with comedy, self-development, social critique, and exclusive performances. Discover the real stories of your favorite celebrities revealed in their own words and voices.

Memoirs you can listen to in 3(ish) hours or less

The beauty of a really short memoir is that it hones in on the most fascinating moments of a person's life—these are the stories that are told at dinner parties and over campfires. Editor Rachel shares a collection of some unforgettable short memoirs and biographies that shine with heart and personality, featuring authors as varied as Carrie Fisher, Patti Smith, and James Taylor. Find a new listen to add to your queue here.

The Best Memoirs to Make You Laugh, Cry, and Think

The memoir, as an art form, is one of the most difficult and complex to pull off. That’s why these titles are so impressive: not only are they excellent works in their own right, but they’ve achieved cultural acclaim, resonating with listeners of different ages, genders, races, religions, and identities. Often narrated by the authors themselves, these audiobooks allow listeners to be immersed in each story and feel their raw and unfiltered emotion.

From the Queen of Soul to the Purple One, Hear the Stories of Black Musicians and Artists Who Broke Boundaries

We're shining a light on artists and thinkers who demonstrate the boundless depths of Black creativity, joy, and love. We've gathered a list of memoirs by and biographies about artists who totally upended the expectations of a white-dominated field and crafted something entirely their own, making history and changing lives as a result.