We've long known that our members use Audible to keep them company while they create. From crafting to cooking, audiobooks are perfect for bookish people with busy hands. So we decided to reach out on social media to ask our listeners to share photos of the things they have created. And honestly—we were blown away.

Below is just a sampling of the many, many amazing things that your fellow listeners have made while listening to a great book (and some staff creations too!). Choosing just a few to feature here was nearly impossible, so we encourage you to check out more on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And let's keep the conversation going! Share photos of your own creations with us using #DoneWhileListening.

Painting a favorite character

by Blake Jamieson (@blakejamieson). Music by Lauren Mayhew (@lolomayhew) and DJ Stellar (@djstellar)

Done while listening to:

Hell Divers: The Hell Divers Series, Book 1
By: Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Narrated By: R. C. Bray

Artist Blake Jamieson (@blakejamieson) says:

I often listen to Audible while working in my paint studio, and find it useful to get into my flow state. I get lost in my audiobook, and simply watch myself paint.

A team-building event

Completed by Audible employees

Done while listening to:

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
By: Mark Twain
Narrated By: Nick Offerman

This puzzle, created to celebrate the release of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, was pieced together over several days by various Audible employees. The 2,000-piece puzzle took us a little longer to complete than anticipated, but with Nick Offerman's pitch-perfect narration to keep us company, we can't really complain.