Blind Date

Are you ready to throw your assumptions about what you like out the window and meet your next favorite book boyfriend or girlfriend? That character you’ll be so smitten with that you’ll probably re-listen to every scene they’re in, and whom you’d probably (most likely (definitely)) date if they existed in real life? Good, because we’ve picked some of our favorite ladies and gentlemen for you. Choose the personality that strikes your fancy and prepare to be surprised and delighted. You never know, you might just fall in love with a whole new kind of romance.

The Rakish One

Choose me if...
- You long for the intrigue of the royal courts of England and France
- You can forgive a little debauchery
- You want your rake to have a heart of gold

The Rebel

Choose me if...
- You think laws were made to be broken
- You can tie a bowline knot
- It’s high time for you to go on a swashbuckling adventure

The Funny One

Choose me if...
- You’re not quite over your high school quarterback
- You consider being good with kids a pre-req
- The guy who laughs at all of your jokes is the guy you want to be around

The Hot Single Dad

Choose me if...
- Rom-com plus hot single dad is your winning combo
- The boss/employee boundaries are somewhat flexible in your eyes
- You believe in a little New York City magic

The Cowboy

Choose me if...
- You’re comfortable out on the range
- You appreciate a man who speaks his mind
- You like to keep things spicy with some playful banter

The Troubled One

Choose me if...
- You’re ready for a steamy, passionate love affair
- You want an alpha male who is also deeply vulnerable
- You can handle the drama

The Chivalrous One

Choose me if...
- Sometimes you appreciate a nudge out of your comfort zone
- The countryside is so much more diverting to you than the halls of society
- You prefer to savor your romances slowly, much like you would a cup of tea

The Biker

Choose me if...
- You’re not looking to be anybody’s Old Lady any time soon
- You like it when your guy has a little grit and a lot of heart
- You’d describe yourself as just “along for the ride”

The Loyal One

Choose me if...
- You believe in soul mates
- You’re a fan of going all Romeo-and-Juliet
- It’s better if he lets you help him fight his battles

The Billionaire

Choose me if...
- You like a man with some money in the bank
- You can’t resist an English accent
- You’re looking for someone to show you a little glitz and glamour

The Optimist

Choose me if...
- You like a woman who always looks on the bright side of things
- You take your time when it comes to love
- You don’t mind that she’s your total opposite

The Dark One

Choose me if...
- You think the more misunderstood he is, the better
- You think, “Magic, sorcerers, mages, oh yes!”
- You know that deep down, everyone just wants to be loved

The Rockstar

Choose me if...
- Star power doesn’t phase you
- A man who can serenade you is a man who knows the way to your heart
- When life hands you lemons, you can make lemonade

The Catch

Choose me if...
- Freshly-caught lobster is your meal of choice
- You like a guy who seems a little rough around the edges
- You prefer the simple joys of life—a quiet night at home or the salty taste of an ocean breeze

The Daredevil

Choose me if...
- You can relate to feeling a little lost in life
- An impulsive streak charms you
- Sometimes you cry or laugh with abandon

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