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With Pablo Escobar's Colombia as Backdrop, One Author Expertly Tackles Themes of Family, Friendship, and Immigration
Author Ingrid Rojas Contreras shares how her cartel-tinged novel 'Fruit of the Drunken Tree' revisits a nation's violent history through the eyes of a child. Read now
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Escape From Our Echo Chambers Starts With Listening
Instead of seeing the people outside of our bubbles filtered through polarizing narratives, how can we learn to understand their perspectives and hear them -- in their own voices? Read now
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Oratorious RBG
In her memoir, Justice Ginsburg's own words reveal a determination to fix the world, however long it takes. Read now
10 Presidential Picks From The Funniest History Class Ever
"Presidents Are People Too!" hosts Alexis Coe and Elliott Kalan weren't born experts on the fascinating, complicated, and strange lives of U.S. presidents -- they got there with the help of books like these. Read now
Prepare Yourselves: Debates Are (Still) Coming
Audible's tweeps asked for recommendations in order to make sense of the debates. Here's what our social community manager came up with. Read now
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Scandal List: The Sounds That Brought Them Down
Here are some of the most prominent people who've "Jinxed" themselves by getting caught on tape. Read now