Dr. Thomas Roselle

Dr. Thomas Roselle

January 1974, I serendipitously embarked on a career path that changed my life forever. It was serendipitous because I had no intention of becoming a chiropractor interested in exploring the controversy between traditional medicine and this “different” approach to health care. I intended to start medical school in the fall of 1974, but had 10 months on my hands and I hated being bored. So, what was a young, impulsive boy to do with time on his hands? I applied and was accepted at the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois (now the National University of Health Science). In addition to attending school that year, I was getting married to a woman who had suffered from severe, debilitating migraine headaches since she was six years old. My soon-to-be wife, Sue, was taking medication that was so strong that either the migraine or the drugs would nearly incapacitate her for a day or two every week. The proposed medical solution to her problems was a fusion of the cervical vertebrae (bones of the neck) in attempt to stop the irritation of the nerves and the blood supply to the brain. Needless to say, this solution was unacceptable to both of us. So, since I was in chiropractic school, we decided to enroll Sue for treatment at a private clinic in Elgin, Illinois, that had an outstanding reputation for performing spinal corrective work. She began treatment in the summer of 1974, under the expert and experienced hands of a chiropractor named John Kellenberger. Within 30 days of treatment, her headaches were gone, never to return again. My journey had officially begun. The message I would deliver for the rest of my professional career was that the body, through its innate wisdom, has the capacity to heal itself if the underlying cause of the problem is identified and corrected. If specific chiropractic care and other elements of natural therapy are properly applied, dangerous drugs and surgery, which can cause greater harm and permanent injury, become unnecessary. I was on fire and wanted everyone in my life and in the world to know the secret to this incredible form of healing. Throughout the years, having treated thousands of patients, I have learned that the only way true healing occurs is when the patient gets out of the way and lets the body do what it is designed to do. The body must be supported and not suppressed, and not be minimized by surgery or chemically altered. Then and only then can the body tap its innate capacity to resolve health problems and reach the epitome of wellness. To help achieve this end, the patient must demonstrate a willingness to accept treatment and to become an educated patient. In my opinion, the more patients know about why conditions arise, the more likely they will be become a partner in their own wellness journey. This manual will approach the answer to the question, “Why is that?” It will answer the questions, · “What things actually breakdown and cause the loss of health?” · “What must be considered when restoring health and optimal wellness?” The ability to restore health and wellness is truly in your hands. You must make the final and ultimate decision for your state of health and well-being. Your health is a “Do-It-to-Yourself Program.”

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