Colin Gilmartin

Colin Gilmartin

The passion to make a difference has been building for 18 years but it wasn't until all of my senses were "fired up" that I became one with purpose. I have been coaching kids for a while but never really finding my "Acres of Diamonds" as Russell Conwell so eloquently said. Mixing my dream of inspiring a child with Napoleon Hills "Law of Success" and you have what one of my 7 year old students said, "It's like having gummy worms for dinner!" Ashley Perrin would say "What is great & grand and impossibly bold but the Human Spirit? To inspire it in yourself and others - is greatness." I say welcome to the University of Greatness!

I almost didn't make it out of my early 20's due to drugs/alcohol and being a menace to society. After ending a long-term drug rehab called Straight, Inc I started to see the light - and it wasn't blue and flashing. I finished 16 months there and my judge said that I should pay my debt to society so I entered Shock Incarceration, a 4 month boot camp situated inside the state prison of NH. This is where I got my first understanding of Napoleon Hill. The 4 month course coincided with the 16 lessons of Dr. Hill's philosophy of individual achievement. After completing the program, I started back at the only college I ever wanted to be a part of, Saint Anselm College. I completed my undergrad degree in Criminal Justice and went on to coach for a living. I would spend the next block of time gathering and classifying information and overcoming the obstacles of life.

Next was the summer of 2007, I was a year into a 4 decka that I bought in Worcester, I was the owner of a soccer club and things were good. I wasn't sure what to make of this "chance" meeting, online of all places that was about to alter the course of my life. It started with "are you going to say hello or what?" was her instant message to me. I remember it like it was yesterday. This connection of souls over the next 2 plus months would alter the way I viewed life. What happened was I was reunited with someone that made a deep spiritual impact with me. I saw life differently through her eyes and she through mine. This earthly interaction never materialized in a face to face meeting as she passed away in a car accident before I was to meet her. She left behind her parents, her sister Brooke and her daughter Abigail. Lost for the first time in a long time, I decided to move to a city and state that I've never seen before, just in the hope that I could be of some useful service to the family.

2012 would be a big year. I'm now 18 months into serious study of Napoleon Hill's Law of Success and life is "awesome & amazing". Uncle Nap's children's version of a path to purpose is about to impact millions. "Dream Training" is a young person's workbook for achieving their dreams.


I've come up with a way for "agents of change" to make a generational impact in their own home towns. I'll personalize "Dream Training" and personally deliver up to 100,000 books to the city/state/country of your choice. All proceeds are 501C3 tax deductible.

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