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Meghan McCain to Write and Perform an Original Work for Audible

A close up view of Meghan McCain looking directly to the camera.

Audible today announced that it has acquired columnist, author and co-host of The View Meghan McCain’s upcoming work, to be released as an Audible Original production. One of the most outspoken and distinctive conservative voices of her generation, McCain expands on what conservatism can look like in the 21st century as she provides a blueprint for the nation’s future in uncertain times. McCain will write and perform the Audible Original, delivering all of the candor and fiery spirit for which she is known.

Meghan McCain commented, “What will save America in the twenty-first century is a bold conservatism that will match the challenges of our times. There is nothing more important – and the McCain legacy lights the way. As an heir of that legacy, I have the responsibility to speak out, now more than ever. This book, and this collaboration with Audible, enables me to do exactly that in a way that is both personal and accessible to as many people as possible.”

“These are serious times for our republic,” McCain continued, “but they are also exciting times. Our challenges are eclipsed by our opportunities – if we have the wisdom to see and seize them. That’s what this Audible Original is all about.”

David Blum, Editor-in-Chief of Audible Originals, commented, “From her earliest entry into the public sphere, we’ve seen Meghan unafraid to make important observations, even within her own party, and she has emerged as a dominant and powerful voice for change. This Audible Original will deliver her singular perspective in her own strong, passionate, and heartfelt voice, yielding an entertaining and provocative unforgettable listening experience.”

This Audible Original, releasing in 2020 with an exact release date, title, and cover art to come, will offer American citizens a new view of what true conservatism – built on patriotic values, national security, and moral character; divorced from political posturing; and attuned to modern mores – should look like.


Meghan McCain is a co-host of ABC’s The View, which she joined in October of 2017. As the daughter of Senator John McCain, Meghan has been steeped in the high stakes political arena since childhood. Often said to possess the McCain “maverick gene,” Meghan has no qualms saying what is on her mind and brags that she inherited “my dad’s heartburn-inducing ability to say what he thinks.” A powerful role model for women and Republicans alike, McCain passionately discusses women’s issues, social issues, and marriage equality.

Prior to joining The View, McCain was a co-host on the afternoon talk program Outnumbered on Fox News Channel. She was also a co-host on Pivot TV’s late night news program TakePart Live. McCain was also the creator, executive producer and host of the genre-busting docuseries Raising McCain which also aired on Pivot. The series followed the outspoken McCain on the road, talking to unexpected experts and everyday people by exploring a range of topics from bullying and feminism to sex overload and the death of romance, among others.

Raised in Phoenix, Arizona, McCain graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Art History. With ambitions to pursue a career in music journalism, she completed internships at Newsweek and Saturday Night Live before joining her father’s 2008 presidential campaign where she launched a blog that gained an avid readership almost immediately (the blog received two distinguished awards in politics, The Golden Dot Award for Best Blog, and two Pollie Awards from the Association of Political and Public Affairs Professionals). She then propelled onto the national media scene as a columnist for The Daily Beast and an MSNBC contributor. A New York Times best-selling author, McCain wrote and published her first book, Dirty Sexy Politics: A True Story in 2010 followed by a children’s book, both of which were inspired by her time on the campaign trail during her father’s Presidential run. McCain’s most recent book, America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom, recounts the cross-country road trip that she and left wing comedian Michael Ian Black embarked upon together in 2011.