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All-star Guests Announced for Audible Original Podcast with Blake Griffin

Audible along with OBB Sound, the audio division of OBB Media, today announced a star-studded roster of personalities who will join six-time NBA All-Star Blake Griffin to discuss all things health and wellness in The Pursuit of Healthiness. In this Audible Original podcast, Griffin reveals what it takes for everyday people to keep their body and mind in shape, with ten raw, informative, and entertaining conversations featuring some of the most notable figures in the world of sports, entertainment, and wellness. Season one will premiere on August 4 exclusively on Audible. A second season of the podcast has already been greenlit by Audible, and production is underway.

Guests on season one of The Pursuit of Healthiness include actor Michael B. Jordan, who discusses training for films including Creed and Black Panther; Thrive Global CEO and Huffington Post Founder Arianna Huffington, who shares the keys to good sleep, finding life balance and redefining success; Queer Eye’s food expert Antoni Porowski on how a well-cooked meal is good for the body and soul; mindfulness guru Deepak Chopra on his unorthodox path to knowledge and health; comedian, host, author and activist Chelsea Handler on the benefits of cannabis; Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe on the importance of meditation; model, mentor and Project Runway host Karlie Kloss on body image; Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey on biohacking; two-time Paralympic champion Oksana Masters, who describes her childhood as an adopted orphan in the Ukraine and her path to the top of the podium; and NASA’s head of nutrition and biochemistry Scott M. Smith, Ph.D on what it takes to keep an astronaut healthy during space travel.

A 6-time NBA All-Star, Blake Griffin has access to the world’s greatest trainers, nutritionists and doctors, and he's been putting them to work, learning everything he can over the past decade. Even so, his quest to stay on top of what is going on in the world of health and wellness is eternal. What are we supposed to eat? How often are we supposed to be working out? How does gluten work? In The Pursuit of Healthiness, Blake shows off his versatility, leaving behind his well-documented off the court comedy chops, instead playing exploratory health enthusiast, as he talks to experts, fellow athletes, and some of the biggest names in politics, tech and entertainment. Together, Griffin and his guests will explore learning how to live and eat better, navigate masculinity, sexuality, vulnerability, self-care, mental health and more.

As a professional athlete, I’ve been pushing my physical abilities to the limit for as long as I can remember and have always been incredibly fascinated by what the mind and body can do. Now, more than ever, wellness of both body and mind is crucial—my teammates, my friends, family and everyone around the globe need to focus on self-care. I’m proud to collaborate with Audible and OBB Sound on this special interview series, which will make the health and wellness landscape a little less daunting and a lot more fun.
Blake Griffin

OBB’s Founder and Executive Producer on the series, Michael D. Ratner said, “We want this show to resonate with health fanatics as well as people who just want to better understand what health options are out there on all fronts. This material is incredibly timely and we hope that audiences who listen to these episodes can gain some useful insights as Blake guides us through facts, rumors, science, twists and turns that make up this wellness journey.”

Audible’s award-winning writer and editor Christopher John Farley, Executive Producer of The Pursuit of Healthiness, commented: “The guest lineup for this project is extraordinary—everyone brings something unique and insightful to the conversation and listeners will walk away from this program with a new outlook on how to take care of themselves. We can’t wait to share these amazing conversations with listeners.”

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