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$14.95 per month after 30 days. Cancel anytime.
$14.95 per month after 30 days. Cancel anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Audible is a subscription service that provides customers with the world's largest selection of spoken-word entertainment from podcasts to audiobooks and everything in between.
Your Audible membership is free for 30 days. If you enjoy your Audible trial, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue. We'll even send you an email reminder before your trial ends, that way you won’t have any unexpected charges. You can cancel online anytime before your trial ends and you won’t be charged.
Download the free Audible app to start listening on your iOS or Android device. You can also listen on compatible Fire tablets, Kindles, Sonos devices and more.
Plans start at $14.95 per month. No commitments, cancel online anytime.
Monthly plans:
  • Gold monthly: $14.95/month, 1 credit per month.
  • Platinum monthly: $22.95/month, 2 credits per month.
Annual plans:
  • Gold annual: $149.50/year, 12 credits a year.
  • Platinum annual: $229.50/year, 24 credits a year.
As an Audible member, your subscription includes:
  • Credit(s) good for any audiobook (1 credit = 1 book)*
  • A selection of complimentary Audible Originals each month
  • Complimentary digital newspaper subscriptions to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post
  • Exclusive daily deals and a 30% discount on additional audiobook purchases
*Number of credits varies based on your membership plan. Credits expire after one year.
Amazon Prime members are invited to start an Audible trial with 2 audiobooks (our standard trial includes 1 audiobook). After the trial period, Audible is $14.95 per month for all members.
There are no commitments. You can easily cancel your account online at anytime.