The Beginning After The End Series

8 books in series
5 out of 5 stars 23,500 ratings


Stripped of his power and thrown into the distant future, King Grey is certainly no longer in his previous life. How will he regain control in an unknown time and place where magical abilities rule?

Once a powerful ruler, King Grey is now reborn as a baby, and must relearn how to navigate society in a whole new time, place, and body. Adapted from the beloved manga series, The Beginning After the End follows the main character through his journey of self-discovery as he attempts to conquer the new reality he has awoken in and find his way in a strange place and time full of magic and wonder. 

Author TurtleMe tells a powerful story of a king given a second chance at life. The Beginning After the End is packed with time travel and adventure, but also focuses on personal growth and explores what it means to be able to start over. The six books in the series follow the character development of King Grey after he is reincarnated as Arthur Leywin, a man whose life is a far cry from the royalty and power he once knew. Now, as Arthur, King Grey struggles to make the most of his fresh start in life and understand his place and purpose in this mystical world. 

Each audiobook in the series is narrated by Travis Baldree, an established narrator of close to 175 titles. Baldree brings the perfect level of enthusiasm and emphasis to this wild fantastic story, while maintaining a clear and crisp tone. His consistency over the entire series helps bring the story together for a singular must-listen.

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