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Games: The Complete Series, Books 1-6 Publisher's Summary

All six books of the completed Games Series. 

Game 1 New Year 

After being abducted on the New Year, Sara, Angel, and Amanda are forced by a masked stranger to play games. Losing the game or breaking the rules results in punishments. Painful punishments, either inflicted to oneself or by their friends. The masked stranger tells them there will only be one winner, and the prize is life. 

Warning 18+ Not for Kids: This is a violent book. It starts out with a little bit of gore, and ends with a whole bunch of gore.

Games 2 Brutality

The winner of the New Year Game is starting her journey into her new life. Exploring her new job has changed her life and she seems to be losing control.  

After a friendly competition goes wrong, Donny offers her the opportunity to head her own game. Her game style is barbaric and brutal (compared to Donny's games).  

How will this affect the relationship between mentor and apprentice? 

Warning: There are violent scenes in this book. Not for listeners who are squeamish or have weak stomachs.  

Games 3 Donny

His new apprentice has asked Donny to tell the story of the games he played. 

Donny tell his story. 

Also, the story continues with Donny and his partner/ apprentice. 

Warning. Blood and gore. This is a violent book. Very graphic and disturbing scenes of extreme violence  

Games 4 Maze

Continuation of the Games series. 

Mentor/apprentice has made a deadly maze with the sole intent of hurting people. 

Room after room of painful traps await unsuspecting players. 

How will this affect the dangerous duo's relationship? 

Warning: This is a violent book. Extreme horror

Games 5 New Guy

Book #5 of the Games Series  

The survivor of the pain maze is doing everything in his power to become Donny's best friend. 

Also, a special appearance from Rick (Gambler's Appetite of Remorse) 

Scenes of graphic violence. You have been warned. 

Games 6 Game Over

The conclusion of the Games series.  

Donny has taken a new position with Sanger Entertainment working in the dark web show division. After struggling with the evil deeds required of him at work, he decides to make a change.  

Will new changes in his life make him a better man? 

This is a violent book with multiple scenes of gore. 

Not for the faint of heart.

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