Duty, Honor, Planet

4 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 466 ratings

Duty, Honor, Planet Publisher's Summary

Get the Duty, Honor, Planet box set, featuring all three books in the best-selling series. A pause-resisting, long listen of aliens, war, and explosive, military, sci-fi action!

Jason McKay and Shannon Stark, two young Republic Space Fleet Intelligence officers, are given the leadership of a new special ops unit. The mission? Guard the spoiled daughter of an important senator, on a tour of the colonies.

Neither of them thought the mission would be anything more than babysitting....Until the aliens invaded the colony.

Implacable, relentless, merciless - the armored creatures slaughter everyone who gets in their way. The team is forced to go on the run, with the people they’re supposed to protect.

But survival will be the least of their challenges. Because it’s not as simple as an alien invasion, and the truth may be even stranger than they can imagine.

Jason and Shannon are forced to weigh the lives of the people they lead - and the ones they love - against their duty, honor, and planet.

Don't miss this thrilling, military sci-fi series, from the best-selling author of the Drop Trooper Series. It's perfect for fans of Jay Allan, Jasper T. Scott, and Scott Bartlett.

This boxset contains three full-length novels: Book 1: Duty, Honor, Planet; Book 2: Honor Bound; and Book 3: The Line of Duty.

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