DeathSpeaker Codex

10 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 99 ratings

Wrong Side of Hell Publisher's Summary

Life was a whole lot easier when the dead stayed dead.

I thought I was human. Apparently, I was wrong.

I didn't even know there were non-humans. Others, they're called. Fairies, vampires, even the bogeyman - they're all real. At least, that's what the werewolf told me when I saved her from the cops. 

Did I mention that I saved a werewolf? And those weren't just cops trying to kill her. They're a deadly cult with the sole purpose of capturing and torturing Others...especially me. Because it turns out I'm not just any Other. I can talk to the dead - and this cult has questions only I can answer. Answers they want to use to wipe out every non-human on the planet.

My name is Gideon Black, and I'm not human. I am the DeathSpeaker.

 And I am so screwed.

©2016 Sonya Bateman (P)2019 Tantor
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