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In 1954, two Bedouin boys unearthed an ancient jewel-encrusted box in a cave in the Judean wilderness. More than a half century later, the box has reappeared on the black market. A rogue CIA agent believes that Army Chaplain Jaime Richards knows its whereabouts and its mysteries.

Jaime helped discover the location of the Garden of Eden years ago. After a three-year stay in paradise, Jaime was armed with eternal secrets and knowledge that mere mortals would kill to posses, but the reappearance of the illustrious Treasure of Eden just might be the biggest threat Jaime has ever faced.

Having escaped one pursuer, Jaime is determined to find the treasure before it and its secrets fall into the wrong hands. 

Because this time, the enemy is hiding in plain sight.... 

This time, the future of the entire world is at stake....

And for Jaime, this time, it’s personal.

©2008 Sharon Linnea and B.K. Sherer (P)2018 Sharon Linnea and B.K. Sherer

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