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Publisher's Summary

In addition to presenting Sean Stephenson's unbelievable life story, Get Off Your "But" offers anyone who needs to conquer fears and insecurities a hands-on guide for overcoming the forces of negativity and self-sabotage. Sean - a successful psychotherapist - shows what it takes to overcome the big bumps in the road, eliminate excuses, end insecurities, and ultimately stand up for happiness and success in life.

As Sean explains, anyone can fall victim to the "Buts":

  • "But" Fears (BUT what if I fail...)
  • "But" Insecurities (BUT I'm not good enough...)
  • "But" Excuses (BUT there's no time...)

    Get Off Your "But" offers a practical guide for putting fear behind you and building the inner resources to become self-confident at work and at home. It's time to get off your "but" and start leading the life you dream.

  • ©2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (P)2009 Gildan Media Corp

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    • Alex
    • Canoga Park, CA, USA
    • 07-19-09

    Highly Recommended -- Delivers as Promised

    There are those books that you listen to once, forget about, and move on. There are other books -- a much rarer find -- that you look forward to listening to again and again. This is one of those audiobooks that I look forward to listening to many times over for years to come.

    I am always on the lookout for information/techniques to improve my effectiveness in both my professional and my personal life. This audiobook very delivers on all counts.

    What separates this book from others in the genre is the very well thought out structure of the material, the care that he has taken in choosing supporting examples, the very specific tools provided, and the narration itself. Each topic is clearly broken down, with several concrete examples to drive the point home. Then, Sean provides very specific methods/tools to deal with each challenge being discussed. This is a no nonsense audiobook that respects the listener's time -- it is certainly not filled with fluff and/or shameless self-promotion.

    Regarding the narration, I found it to be excellent. The fact that Sean Stephenson decided to narrate the book himself adds a level of authenticity and realism that otherwise would not have been possible, in my opinion. I found Mr. Stephenson's narration skills to be one of the highlights of this work. I hope he writes many more books in the future, and narrates each one.

    I will be purchasing this book for friends and family. It has my highest recommendation.

    35 of 35 people found this review helpful

    • Overall
    • Michael
    • Sunland, CA, USA
    • 07-09-09

    Excellent text on removing excuses in life

    I've just finished listening to this well-written and motivating text. The author, with whom I'm familiar with already from his public speaking and appearances related to M/F relationships, presents stories from life and real practical methods to get off one's "but", i.e. to become proactive in life and remove excuses. It's a fast and good listen and I recommend it.
    Regarding the complaints of the other reviewer "David" who complains about the author's voice in the audio, please ignore it. Sean Stephenson was born with brittle bones syndrome and hence has a physique, and hence vocal apparatus, that's different than the rest of us. This is by no means a hinderance in understanding the narration, which is clear. To the contrary, one of the points of the book is that even with his handicap, the author's attitude has allowed him to achieve things that most people cannot due to their self-limitations, and hearing the author's actual voice helps make the point. And what's "egocentric" about an author narrating his OWN BOOK?!

    47 of 48 people found this review helpful

    • Overall

    Good overall motivational book

    I love the motivational book genre, and was intrigued by the title. I was looking for a book that specifically addressed self-sabotage. This book is a great overall motivational book which walks through Sean's incredible story. But it was not prescriptive enough for me in addressing self-sabotage.

    If you are looking for a good overall motivational book, this is good. If you are looking for more specific, I recommend looking elsewhere.

    20 of 21 people found this review helpful

    • Overall
    • Performance
    • Story

    I want to like this, however it is just OK

    Any additional comments?

    It feels like it was an excellent 1-2 hour motivational seminar expanded into a boring 6 hour book - there is just not enough material here. Far too much time spent in an autobiography of the author and the issues he faced (at least 1/2 the book). You can pretty much sum up the book by its title - get off you "but" (i.e. stop making exsues and take action). The rest feels like drawn out examples, though I know more was there - it is just lost in the endless stories or the author and his friends/patients. The author speaks of friends who are "emotional drainers" and that is what this book felt like - a drain rather than a motivator. I honestly wanted it to get better, however it only has occasional glimmering moments.

    31 of 34 people found this review helpful

    • Overall

    It's great to hear this from Sean himself

    I had heard Sean interviewed on a Radio show about the release of his book. I knew that I was going to read this book at some time in the future and the ideas he shares can make a difference for the better in anyones life. It's a ton of good common sense stuff that when used everyday will make a huge difference. What really moved me in both the interview and in the audiobook was the emotion that Sean brings to the stories that he tells, which he himself has experienced, added enormously to the power of the book I don't think it would have had the same impact read by anyone else. I recommend it for everyone!

    12 of 13 people found this review helpful

    • Overall
    • Roy
    • Beaumont, TX, United States
    • 07-11-09

    Would Make Dale Carnegie Proud

    Sean Stephenson provides us a barn storming ride through the current self help/motivation field and it is some ride. I have been following "Think and Grow Rich" and "Win Friends and Influence People" motivational books before they were cool. Stephenson covers a lot of that ground and does it quite well.

    Essentially, this is an updated, informed rendering of the self help material you find across the books shelves with one twist. Stephenson includes lessons he has learned from his own disability. For the initiated, there is nothing really new here, but the approach he uses is just delightful. For the individual first starting out on the the self help road, this is an excellent place to start.

    With the author's background and training, I hope that he will bring out subsequent volumes detailing not only what we need to do to improve our lives, but HOW we can go about doing that in more detail. For example, Lesson 2 "Master Your Physicial Confidence" could be expanded incoporating what is known about mind body relationships in detail. This lesson, as in the others, needs more meat. Lesson 5 "Choose your Friends Wisely" could incorporate what is currently being found in neuroplastisity and the actions of mirror neurons. His writing and insights would make the material sing and make it available to the popular audience.

    Lesson 6 "Take Full Responsibility" is perhaps the weakest of the "lessons." Perhaps he was writing it last. He makes the usual case that we need to take responsibility for our actions, but there is no "how to do it" included. I just wanted to hear more.

    The book is great for what it is. If Stepenson is interested in selling books this one will do it. If he is interested in making a lasting difference in the lives of people, I'd say he needs to get off his but.

    15 of 17 people found this review helpful

    • Overall

    Just couldn't get through the audiobook

    I had put this book on a list of books to buy and read because I had listened to the preview. However I was on the go and forgot about this and downloaded it on my blackberry to listen to while travelling. I really wish I had remembered to buy the book as I couldn't even get through half of the audiobook because of the narrators voice was quite unpleasant to listen to for such a long time.

    I completely understand the authors voice is due to his condititon however I feel that perhaps if he had hired a narrator to narrate the book it would be much more enjoyable for his listeners. I would have no problem listening to the author speak in person at a motivational event however I do not feel that by him personally narrating the book it makes it more real.

    23 of 27 people found this review helpful

    • Overall
    • Performance

    Narration ruined it. Buy a hard copy.

    Just because he wrote it, doesn't mean he should narrate the book. I never thought I would say this, but he is worse than Stephen King.

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful

    • Overall
    • Performance
    • Story
    • David
    • Visalia, CA, United States
    • 02-23-13

    This was a Good Book

    What was one of the most memorable moments of Get Off Your 'But'?

    I'm not sure I could pinpoint one memorable moment. This book was excellent, especially when you know who the author is. I had never heard of this author, but after about the first chapter I Googled him to find out more which then made this book even more powerful. There were several stories, events, and conditions the cause me to think this is one of the best books I've listened to.

    What did you learn from Get Off Your 'But' that you would use in your daily life?

    Something I knew, but put a powerful kick behind. The only thing that holds us back is our excuses!

    Any additional comments?

    I highly recommend this book.

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful

    • Overall
    • Rich
    • Los Angeles, CA, USA
    • 07-19-09

    What a Powerful, Inspiring, Moving Book

    Get Off Your "But" - is an incredible book. I felt inspired. I felt uplifted. And more than once I was moved to tears.

    Sean Stephenson was expected to die at birth. He has a rare bone disorder and suffered more than 200 bone fractures by age eighteen. He reached a height of only three feet, and is permanently confined to a wheelchair.

    He is also a friend of Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins & Richard Branson. He is truly the most inspirational and naturally confident man I have ever had the privilege of spending time with. (I interviewed Sean recently).

    Sean Stephenson has inspired millions of people around the world, including Tony Robbins and President Clinton. He has had more life adventures than anyone I know.

    Sean was expected to die at birth because of a rare bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta Despite and yet, despite or more probably because of all the challenges he has faced, Sean is now one of the leading authorities on the deconstruction of self sabotage.

    In his early years he faced so many reasons to give up and to doubt or pity himself. And yet he never did.

    In fact, he has worked on Capitol Hill & in the White House; he testified in front of the US Senate; he shared a speaking platform with Tony Robbins & Mark Victor Hansen; he traveled to over 47 states and 6 countries.

    And he is also a board-certified psychotherapist, who runs a private practice and is completing his Doctorate in Clinical Hypnosis.

    Oh, and he has been seen by millions on Oprah, CNN, The Discovery Health Channel, WGN, CBS News, and in The New York Times.

    The stories of Sean's own life and that of his friends are both truly inspiring and often so powerful that I cried whilst reading.

    I'll end with the quote from President Bill Clinton: Sean is an amazing person with an important message.

    16 of 21 people found this review helpful

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    • Tracy
    • 07-04-16


    V engaging simple and insightful. Sean is an inspiration to us all. I would highly recommend this book

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful

    • Overall
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    • Amazon Customer
    • 10-01-17

    touched, moved & inspired

    touched, moved & inspired. .must read..just do it. .right here right now. Light & Love