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Murder, We Spoke

By: Kat Johnson
Narrated by: Kat Johnson, Attica Locke, Billy Jensen, Jim Clemente, Marcus Parks, Maureen O'Connell, Rachel McCarthy James, Rachel Monroe, Sarah Weinman, Scott Brick

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About this Audible Original

From podcasts and documentaries to online forums, true crime is booming. But as one Audible editor and self-professed crime obsessive observes, the genre is being pulled in new and different directions along with a changing social landscape. She wanted to know: Can we ethically engage in true crime as real concerns surface around the crimes, victims, and systemic issues that directly impact the humans we are hearing about? Where are the most sensitive and original voices in true crime turning their attention? And how can we use our primal fascination with the dark side of human nature as a force for good?

Listen in on this exclusive conversation with a host of experts from the true crime landscape, featuring original interviews with the following guests:

Attica Locke, author, Heaven, My Home

Billy Jensen, author, Chase Darkness with Me

Emily Martinez, executive producer, Finding Tess

Jim Clemente, creator, Call Me God

Marcus Parks, creator, Last Podcast on the Left

Michele Josue, director, Happy Jail

Maureen O’Connell, narrator, Call Me God

Rachel McCarthy James, author, The Man from the Train

Rachel Monroe, author, Savage Appetites

Sarah Weinman, author, The Real Lolita

Scott Brick, narrator, In Cold Blood

Vanessa Harris, senior director, Audible Content Partnerships

Please note: Murder, We Spoke contains some adult language and mature themes. Discretion is advised.

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